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The burden of cosmic responsibility:

I carried for the last 38 years the flow of information in a whirlwind of cosmic Idioms on ufos and the spiritual battle grounds we fight as gods-in-the-making. In this age of reason, I avoided the military draft and succumbed to independent Research of what was upon us. Within this certain metaphor for the actions of Prophets and poets, I was given an assignment to explain why this little blue
Planet became a living-hell inside the epoch of 12,068 years. When I wrote the Essay on the “ burgeoning burden of cosmic responsibility” I had little idea of What responsibility god and guides were talking about. In this website all the
Gears that make the apocalypse turn are presented.

The phenomena and the epistemology is supported by direct experience in a Jungle-gym of portal/vortex field vectors that now resemble a stargate system. I was organized by the geodetics I outline in the skyspell news section. We become what we behold. I identify with the astrophysicist kent clark , William fichtner’s character in the movie contact, seriously blind but can listen!

In may 1983, I met with the psychic-forensic nurse nancy fuchs who lived in a Portal zone at budd lake, nj. My meeting with her set off more and more Encounters with multi-dimensional realities.

At that meeting at budd lake I met her cosmic angel ic offsider “micayel”, a Serious e.T./guide who supervised her activities in her paranormal practice. In my second meeting with her she could only say: “I am sure of one thing--you
Are here now with one wing” suggesting that much of humanity are now part Of a fallen angel ministry. “you aint seen nothing yet”, she added. The ufology Aspect of this research exposed me to a strange assembly of et/alien spokesmen, Forcing me to question why me? Why them? The mysteries of you and I began to Assemble.

Starship “X” I photographed over 7th Avenue Portal NYC June 23 2020 am
Starship “X” I photographed over 7th Avenue Portal NYC June 23 2020 am

The skyspell phenomena
At 69 I’ve logged in over 80 encounters inside this new aperture of the Continuum. My personal life became more concaved like a lens and I began to Understand that all these surprises were in store for humanity.

The skyspell phenomena began on june 30 2004, when I encountered the Apparition of the “spy scout from china” coming up out of a steam vent on 63 rd Street east, and took the photo of it while in a taxi speeding up madison avenue (photo poster in the website’s photo/book section).

I realized the hub of new york city was the exchange point of two forces that Had to decouple and permit residence of the dark opposition descending into the Matrix of the city, of the world.

The big apple’s moniker became omega babylon.
My “incarnations” in and out of the city over the past 48 years from 1974 to the Present were numerous. My departure in 2022 was mandatory with the vibration Field imposing very sticky and destructive influences in our home habitat.

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The written dictations of the journey are tested out in a scientific diary at the Skyspell news section of this website.

The imagery of the stargate system is viewed with google map pro in 3 regions of The planet: north america, middle east and australia

The resources section provides historical references to my research from 1982. The r.I.T.L. Thesis I wrote while in australia on megalithic science was inspired by The profound works of the austrlian researcher explorer, marilyn ‘lady’ pye, Australia’s “pyramid lady”. In time I took to task the evidence to prove that she Was 100% correct about her knowledge of the far north of queensland.

The portals over new york is the accumulation of photo-journal information Over 6 years from 2016 to 2022. They are real for those who can “raise the serpent Up in the wilderness”. (john 3: 14-17)

My book skyspell over new york is the working text book combining math Components with some quips and comments from my personal life on the trail Of discovery. These geographics and geodetics of places of power is an assembly Of time-space configurations defined with a new lexicon of consciousness. I Assembled for the first time the harmonic values inside their own space-time Vault. The skyspell phenomena was the point where heaven and earth met for One profound moment when the iphone was raised up. This was what moses Meant by “raising the serpent up in the wilderness”? Think about it !

Of the 147 photos in the book, 36 of them are part of my photo-journal, a diary Of data and meaning of events from 2001, 2004, and 2016-2022.

The a.I. Skybridge © 2019 is replete with evidence of an a.I. Construct interceding In places where once god’s algorithms were firmly in command. I call the Skybridge a harbor for a part-human, part artificial aggregate of vast Information to “reseed” the human mind with a corrupt policy of renovation
And tribulation. The tribulation part is the direct experience of many humans Undergoing the disconnect with the once pure light world of a pre -www Existence 1988.

The a.I. Skybridge interface with consciousness
From john dee’s supernatural influences on the british throne in the 16th century To john milton’s promenade story in paradise lost in the 17th century to albert Pike’s contribution to luciferian ideology inside the freemasons of the Confederacy to karl marx’s intellectual pursuits on the hegelian dialectic. This Lexicon of luciferian preferences was to arouse the counter powers against the Written words of moses.

I write how the downfall of the “white goddess” as the nature kindom’s world Of divine feminine fell to a verse called the “flight of isis” in 3114 bc. The dragon Pursues the woman into the wilderness (of incarnations on earth) starting When eve died and moved into carnal retribution on earth’s plane of interludes Of life and death/ it would be 3114 years between moses’ written works (1267 bc) In the tanakh to lucifer’s team of writers in the 15-16-and 17th centuries to offset The rule of law, the single most agreed upon idea that the veil would keep light And darkness separate.

The investigation became an incessant cantor of harmonics and metrics. Gradually the cross-word puzzle of high-strangeness exposed the ransack of Creation to impose the theatre of “simulation” on this low-density vibration here On the little blue planet (lbp). A creation manipulated by apex predators will Confine human consciousness by its subdivisions, all the while failing to define The harmonics of einstein’s equation of relativity in grid light value. When Examining the prescience behind the design of a plasma, mind-monitor system, we Reside inside neighborhoods of fear, terror and disease.