The Pentagram Wars Part 2

Pentagram Wars Part 2 text overlay on a grass field photo 2

OKLAHOMA AND TEXAS DOOMSDAY GATES June 16. 2022 Abstract:  There exists an interconnectivity between Stargate Nodes that were ‘earmarked’ with the Pentagram design to enhance over-control mechanisms against the American people…

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The Pentagram Wars – USA

Pentagram Wars USA text overlay on a grass field photo

PART 1 Buffalo Topps and the Philly Shootings, an Insider Report The peculiar aspects of our ascension process is falsely oriented to an achievement of transhuman aspects to successfully supercede…

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Australia ecliptic map

THE CANVASING OF THE CLOUDS  5 28 22 The author Brucel Raphael has achieved a new means of defining consciousness in his book  THE SKYSPELL OVER NEW YORK. It was written…

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grids on a torus 2

Redefining the rules for Einstein’s field of General Relativity, Captain Bruce L. Cathie provided me with expanded definitions of the Energy and Matter equations through these conjugated laws:   He…

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The Lost Keys of You and Me

Hanged man tarot card

May 21. 2022 My research project going on 40 years took on a mathematical format built upon the architecture of time-space relativity outlined in Einsteins Theory of General Relativity. My…

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