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December 14. 2022


I welcome the day, when I host a forum to communicate my ‘tales of Ulysses’ from a lifetime of privacy and melancholy. Until then, you may enjoy stepping into the spent honeycomb of my life-time’s cosmic dramas. As the weave of the events reveal a splendid tapestry. I knew it then that truth in God’s Word will bring me closer in its contiguous way to our corner of the universe, where our humanity is ready for an upgrade and spiritual renovation through the return of the Son of Man. Herein lies the substance of Cosmic Responsibility—a code for the Science of a New Truth © 1983 David White Australia

My father’s war time achievement rose out of his genius in math and slide-rule at Cornell. He was pulled out of class for the military assignment and joined the Air Force in 1943 and rose to the rank of navigator/R.O. (Radar officer) for the B29 Superfortress, “City of San Jose” serving missions for Bomb Group 830 out of Guam. On a side note, his trusted Belgium Shepherd Teddy was placed into the K9 Cor and they would reunite 2 years later.

That slide rule was with him during those bombing raids. It truly was a unique item made of a bone ivory in a leather case.

His influence in a mystical way provided the spark of enthusiasm how mathematics was the secret of the universe, not God as he was an atheist (or thought that he practiced such machinations). He introduced me to non-Euclidean math at the age of 13 bringing me into the appreciation of Geometry, Mapping and the philosopher’s stone of Being-and-Nothingness, a greater part of my parents’ library of Kant and Existentialism. As an agnostic my mother claimed that it was impossible to know God, but we keep on trying. 

Then the day came for the Encyclopedia Britannica’s arrival. Such an event brought me untold amounts of joy. I was truly excited.

My mom and I used to spend hours in the highly regarded Museum of American Art that held a special position in our town on Walnut Hill Park. 

The Impressionists were my favorite at the age of 15, with works by Mary Cassatt, Renoir, Degas, Monet. The arts and sciences would become the basis of my existence. 

Music culture, couture, cuisines and contemporary thinking was the metronome to keep me buoyant for a lifetime. But it wasn’t enough without God’s insights.

Green Onions…1967

When in 1967 I would undergo a sequence of events that were part of a long saga of cosmic reflexes starting with my banal ET/Alien interaction in my own front yard.

That year Dad and I had built a Radio Shack short wave radio that provided me late night hours of emotional security listening to the great DJ’s of our time and listening to the code signals on shortwave with an open mind. After I rigged a copper wire to connect to the oak tree outside my bedroom window for better reception, I began intercepting various forms of encounters some telepathic, and the most profound one was an event that I had forgotten about in 1967. Indeed, it was a real abduction experience in the summer of 1966. 

My hometown became the epicenter for a term for repeated encounters of many kinds. My father coined a unique I.D. for these visitors: The “Feather Merchants” a slang term he conjured up for the mysterious navigators using wingless aircraft. By the tenth event I began mapping the positions around the city as a log of space-time events. 

I was participating in a strange, periodic, sequence of visitations that used Walnut Hills as a portal in a much larger matrix of points. Now 59 years later, through both real time field experiences and an abundance of armchair adventures, the clarion call of the Burgeoning Burden of Cosmic Responsibility heralded a period in my life that prevailed as T-A-D (Transcendental Attention Disorder). 

Because whatever really happened during the abduction the first sign of side effects were a continuation program of cosmic events perforating my thinking and influencing my close relationship with God, the only source for comfort, hope and my lack of ambition. 

I was participating in the new lexicon of scalar geometry, components of math formulas in the form of harmonic vectors that are consistent with hyper-dimensional physics. The Mandelbrot portrayal of reality on a sub-atomic viewpoint, sets the stage for a lifetime journey into our world ---a multi-dimensional sponge with seamless downloads that work to refine one’s purpose where time persists.

The self-organizing theatre of reality was building the case for the simulation. Harmonics, is the mainframe for the study and configuration that inspired the navigator and scientist, Captain Bruce L. Cathie as he built his study around the basic formulas of Albert Einstein in the development of time as a dimension that regulates matter inside a grid-light field, comprising the porous nature of ‘outer and inner space’. After spending 5 years under his tutelage, I had a working model for scalar geodetics within a design of a Mandelbrot architecture that hyperventilates around a prolific calendar of time space scalar events and geological stress points. (footnote: The Bridge to Infinity, Harmonic 371244 – Adventures Unlimited Press, Kempton Illinois 1997 ISBN0-932813-05-4)

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1967 Nov 24th a Wednesday with a true-life Encounter of the 1st Kind in my own yard after bringing up the garbage cans. I was wearing a big oatmeal speckled sweater and when the 40 foot craft appeared at the property line about 40 yards away from me, I decided to drop the cans and sprint to the craft. Only the Big Oak Tree separating me from nearly jumping up and touching it. The lights along its seamless edge of silver began moving faster and faster as I approached it and in seconds it was gone, leaving behind a swirl of fog that had descended all over the property. 

1968 August 15th : The following year I had this Deja-Vu/Flashback to 1966 August when I recalled being abducted into a very similar disc-shaped airship through my bedroom window into the craft and taken either to the moon or an Omni, a super-sized spherical white space-body far from Earth. There I recall meeting some tall Queen whom I later had to succumb to the reality that it was a giant, intelligent Mantis Creature. 

1979 When Edward Koch was Mayor, I was living in New York City. In Harlem one Sunday I found Jesus in a small funky gospel church with my girlfriend at the time--a gospel Choctaw Native American, Empress Kilpatrick. A large cross made of those tube lamps decorated the ceiling. She gave me a Bible with the New Testament to read and appreciate the notes her mom had left throughout in blue ink.

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1980-1982. As my town and the East Coast of the USA was barraged by a plethora of UFO events, I found the more I expressed myself, the more the ‘other intelligences’ were making some effort to assist me focusing on a cosmic responsibility. The adventures around my hometown would have their own personal metaphor of soul transformation

In December 1982 I was invited by Mr. Ufo, the late Timothy Green Beckley to go to a cosmic party at the address of the esteemed Marc Brinkerhoff and his wife Phyllis. It was there that I met the real NYC corps of the X File Team. Tim’s work was producing books and magazines on the extra-terrestrial agenda, Marc and Phyllis were the consummate hosts for the Intergalactic Mission bringing down to earth what a ‘walk-in’ persona (Marc) would be like in a short lifetime helping others understand the Galactic Federation and the 12 dimensions that surround our world on the Little Blue Planet. The chief pin was Bryce Bond, a very intelligent well-spoken host for the ‘new visions of the new age’ coming through.

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But it was my Trans-Atlantic sailing adventure to Bermuda from Puerto Rico where I knew that I was watched over. It began with a super-sized green UFO guiding our 26 foot sloop out of the harbor at 11pm through the inky-darkness of night. I was on the steering watch and at about 3am.

Alone and watching the compass intently, I witnessed the appearance a a super-sized, hamburger-shaped UFO as it appeared high over the ocean with a neon-green outline. We eyed each other off for 30 seconds and then it disappeared into a cloud. The journey went without any dramas, and I was at the helm when we sailed into Bermuda Harbor 1 week later. 

My experience at Budd Lake, NJ had an enormous impact on me with a scout craft approaching my car after the meeting with Nancy Fuchs, the psychic forensic Nurse. My interview with Arthur Shuttlewood at his late age of 79 at his home in Warminster England provided a real heart to heart connection with a soul that was a beloved friend of a certain benevolent ET/Alien intelligence. When I returned home after the UK visit, his promise was fulfilled and a special UFO craft in the shape of a heel greeted me after my bus ride up from NYC to Walnut Hills and shadowed my return home as fast as my running steps could carry me. (more in my book Path of the True Priest).

1983 It was in 1982 September that my mom forecasted my meeting with a woman named “Marilyn”. She was on her death bed, could not speak but could write it out. In her mystical way she was able to preview what would become my most challenging revelatory event to change my life forever. This meeting took place without me even remembering what she was warning me about. Bryce Bond, the Media Cable TV Show host of Dimensions in Parapsychology in New York City made the introduction the following year to a Marilyn Pye, known as the Australia’s Pyramid Lady. She had returned to NYC with a profound artifact found in a remote area of Queensland. 

It was the ROC in its own spiritual centerpiece in New York City sharing a prophetic message and presence during the time of the U.N, Peace Conference, bringing to the mystic’s table at Gene Kieffer’s apartment, the importance of knowing history and its cosmic blueprints to the front stage of prophecy via the Hopi. (See Workshop 3 for The Mystery of the Toowoomba Sun-Stone 1974).

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I Can Help….

The partnership was a profound one and we would stick together for a period of about 10 years, with me bowing down to her tough persona defending the ‘right to believe in her understanding’ of the real history of Adam and Eve. Her journey, her words highlighted what she knew was the location for the resting place of Eve, in Australia. So in 1985, I moved to Australia. 

The ROC represents the sanctity of Creation by the Mayan how the First Father rose out of the Mouth of the First Mother. The ROC is basalt mother earth, the mouth is the two serpents and the Father is the Sun. The triad is the koan of origin.The tear is a promise from the Divine Love from The Son of the Sun, Sincere. The tear is likened to Nibiru as it appears in the rim of the Sun. Nibiru backwards is the story of Planet Christ: URI-BIN, Son of Light
1985. We explored (what would fundamentally turn out to be two major portals in Australia) the two mound sites on Australia’s East coast providing data for my thesis on evidence of a megalithic science in Australia. ln what many field researchers concluded was a longterm visitation period during the Late Bronze Age with Australia being the hub for Egyptian mariners, Pharaohs, explorers and what I believe to be the original Draco Predator Colonists. 
1991. My discovery of a Far North Queensland megalithic star temple rose out of geodetic maps of the area that revealed 7 rock columns that I would learn portrayed the keel of the Sun Boat of RA: Argo Navis. The mound site 68.68 nautical miles north was devoted to 
Sirius and from that point on, it was apparent it was in part a star-map with lots of numbers to be investigated, with a geometric mainframe that was in a shape of an Egyptian Hieroglyph: the Neter of God.

Photo taken in Uster, Switzerland by the Author 2022

1992. With the help of the late Bob Seaton, I was introduced to a Chilean Explorer Paul Molino with copper red wool hair, living in Sydney whom I interviewed regarding his discovery of a 10 square mile field of stone sculptures in the Alti Plano near the summit of. Mt. Kosciuszko in N.S.W. One sculpture was of two tetrahedral pyramids that told the story. 
1993. Before Bryce Bond passed away in 1991 I was introduced to Charles Boyle, Phd Yale (in Geology and Linguistics) who provided me a mentorship based on his extensive research on the Celts, the Numidians’ and their intimate science of the cosmos, New England’s megalithic remains and the prophetic time-gates based on Native American Petro-sculptures located near the Little Colorado River

1999. Opened my website the Worldtree 2000, presenting my first published article on Megalitic Science in Australia in a local new-age magazine New Dawn and studying the mind-set of humanity’s relationship with the gods. My input furthered the cult-following of the pseudo-scientific wunderkinds who knew that mainstream Australian Universities were not interested in this format of study. 

2000 (remember the internet was only around for about 9 years) I then met on line in a chat room “Atlantis Rising”, the Engineer and Cosmologist Rush Allen who taught the ancient art of Cosmogenesis through the Egyptian Science of Creation and provided very deep insights into ancient man’s way of thinking and how their social order processed their interpretation under their order of the universe. (sadly I’m responsible to try to restore his websites that finally came down)

2001 Moved from Australia back to New York City in 2001 April. I Survived 911 where I worked at Ground Zero as an Exec Chef the week prior.

2003. Rush Allen and I did radio shows and experienced many synchronized cosmic events  (radio shows in my archive)

2004 June 30th: I decided to enter into the study of Buddhism with SGI Nichiren Daishonin’s 12th century school of advancement of purpose via ‘expedient means’. 

On June 30th I encountered the Spyscout of China Saga at one of NYC’s portals. I captured on film a ghostly apparition of a 16th century warrior magician on a Lion-Beast rising up out of the steam vents on 68th Street east of Madison Ave, photographed from a moving Taxi headed uptown to an SGI - Buddhist prayer meeting.

2006 By April I moved to China living there for 10 years continuing my field research on the Chinese metaphysics of ley-line science, pyramid construction and the ET/Alien presence there. 

I was a guest of the angelic White Lotus, Pearl Moon. 

2007. My study revealed how Pearl Moon was the epitome of the New World Daughter whose home sat squarely on the Chong Ley Line that divided the country through the heart of the capitol Beijing.   It was that year in July that the return of the Rephaim the disembodied Fallen Angelic Ones began penetrating our daily life.  It began one night at 11pm. While working in the office I felt some disturbance, and began walking to the bedroom where White Lotus was sleeping, 

I began hearing a struggle in words going on, and I witnessed her pushing off a huge entity that was pressing against her. I yelled out : “There is power in the blood of Jesus”. And it stopped and the strange language interaction that was underway stopped. I quietly came upon the bed and touched her so she returned to normal time. What I saw in my mind's eye, departing from the scene was a UFO Craft with a small group/family of Greys looking back at me. 

This 2007 epic event was part of a forecasted, scheduled set of events that my 2nd mentor Charles Boyle brought to my attention when he translated back in 1993, the enigmatic petroglyphs off a large rock art sculpture located along the Little Colorado River. It spoke of  a plethora of idioms and cosmic messages he said were written in Gael and Numidian. It spoke of turbulent changes coming to Earth in the year 2007.   4900 years earlier would have been onset of the count of Enoch (7th Son from Adam) going into the apocalyptic journal of prophecy and the count of Enoch, a mathematical portal gate of the ages. (2007 AD -4900 years = 2893 BC). 

From that time on it became an insurgent battle against the Archon-plasma entities who are a pesky early remnant of creation, with an ability to copy and infiltrate our dreams with A.I. oversight. 

Soon we began drawing cartoons of the Archon iconography with its own curious style of computer like design. In time the mysterious side of A.I. began showing us small robot cameras appearing and disappearing.  Donut-like apparitions.  Trees, flower arrangements and cloud-like apparitions alternating between red and green and white. Bundles of wires. 

The story unfolds in a paranormal way with the entire building we lived in  being infiltrated by released-imprisoned criminal souls in orange jump suits that would terrorize the apartment owners in our building at night to include Pearl Moon.    As this entity appeared it moved up into the other apartments and we could hear above the elderly woman and her husband wake up screaming with these astral travelling prisoner beings scaring the daylights out of anyone in the way.  

What really set things off was my encounter with the Draco guardian living upstairs upholding the portal that would be opened that year.  We went upstairs one time to meet the elderly lady who was thinking of selling her apartment.  At the end of the meeting, I was confronted by an invisible entity that I could see, and hear as it scolded me at the doorway before we left.  "Oh so I'm not to interfere with the opening of the portals?!"  Well we will just see about that !

As the apartment became so infiltrated by every kind of strangeness, entities, ancient ghosts,  and Rephaim (the deal souls of the demonic angels), I called on my friend Marc Brinkerhoff back in New York City (See his intergalacticmission.com).  I told him what was happening and if he could send needed angel warriors to correct this imbalance.  

I followed some instructions of prayer and cleansing, and it in five days it began!  One night at 3am the light on the com-phone went on and I realised that though no one appeared at the door, the 'crew' had arrived.  What happened next I will leave for the book, but it was a frightful battle between forces, so that after a good 1 hour when things were restored, and the Angel Warriors returned to base, we stood in their wake feeling the incredible light energy they left behind in their footprint.

These interactions continued right up to our time of departure from China in 2016!   The outcome for the building was how the management was challenged to open-up a healing center with incense and quality healers attending to this cascading phenomenon entwined now in a daily Chinese cleansing process. 

2016 We moved to NYC. The Mean-Cloud Street Project was born as I began a 10 year research project producing a particular brand of episodes inside what I called the A.I. Skybridge. It was all captured on a iPhone 10, featuring photography of: UFO’s, Sky Gods and other cryptic imagery appearing in the skies over New York City.  (See the Portals over New York in the site map).

We left China in 2016 March to honor the passing of my Aunt Dana, as Dr. Dana Raphael, director of the Human Lactation Society in Westport, Connecticut. It was a open forum for her girlfriends who were much younger having looked up to her and honored her way of

The A-D-D- super intellect taking over corners in Anthropology around the planet, featured her way of overcoming the obstacles of maleness that needed women to distribute an understanding of the new reality that took over areas of education. 

Photo by Brucel 2022
Photo by Brucel 2022
Is Dark Matter Arranged As A Mandelbrot Set

2021 I calculated where the Burial Site of Adam was located—the antipodal position to Eve’s Rest in Australia.

2021 I Continue studying research on the Stargate nodal network opening up study into 25 locations around the planet. 

I pursued a line of reasoning that select areas in the Stargate system would be used by God to transport many of us out of the implosion of the Little Blue Planet’s entire ecosystem within the next 24 years. 

2022 February, I released my book Skyspell Over New York on Amazon.

2022 March I Opened up my Website consolidating all research: www.skyspellreport.nyc

Post Script
My family mentor Aunt Dr. Dana Raphael, a noted anthropologist from the Margaret Mead School at Columbia who paved the way for the Doula for breast feeding and her achievements as a member in the Club of Rome, kindled my continued study in the humanities, a sore loser in the curricula of American Schools. Her brother, my Dad was the war hero, and my mom a mystical fashion model and artist who survived internment in a Nazi Concentration Camp found her redemption with her sister Alice in the city of New York 1949-50. She and her sister survived in the garment business. Alice worked for Anne Klein as a cutter, and mom as a model at the early Ford Modeling Agency. 

My dad took over the clothing department stores that his dad Louis built up and on a buying trip to NYC, he met my mom on the catwalk. The stage was set years later for me to excel in a private school education and accept my limited understanding of a very uncertain emotional quotient I survived to serve in my problematic existence. 

Now 59 years later, I am working to provide the viewers, readers and students of cosmology a walkaway modus operandi on what to expect inside the resources of a fully awakened partly damaged world built upon the physical theory of existence. 

And from this the new wave of consciousness we set off on a mission where ‘we become what we behold’. The imagination and the soul of each generation is now having to step outside their comfort zone to preserve what dignity remains in the world under greater and greater struggles coming within these next 24 years.

All You Zombies

The expiration date for this epoch of 12,068 years is October 18. 2046. When the inevitable Clock Cycle strikes midnight, it will unleash the final source of learning when endings become new beginnings via our personal Solar Nova. 

This event alone is the real basis for the Reset, the Jubilee and the mystery tradition within the Jewish Kabbalah (Leviticus 25). We are now preparing for an interim-meta-cosmic experience called the Rapture. Some may argue that said event occurs after the start of the Tribulation not before. The Rapture is actually the expose of the galactic nerve energy sheet entering our planet’s domain when our magnetic field collapses. Then our entire planet undergoes a Ghostbusters Cubed theatre. 

Such mysteries begin and end with God and whether you wish to call the universe an information field, or a brittle challenge for any living human soul, we can all agree that there is a celestial administration suffering the same conflicts imposed upon the human genome. We appear face down inside this multi-dimensional time-space reality. We will be rolled-over. 

When we are permitted to roll-over, we meet God at the helm who provides the missing gap with his divine grace and love. Many have written about this. To quote Anselm’s effort to provide a substantial position on the existence of God:

As an “a priori” argument, the Ontological Argument tries to “prove” the existence of God by establishing the necessity of God's existence through an explanation of the concept of existence or necessary being

Anselm wanted to show that the idea of God is greater than the idea of God not existing but residing in the mind. The use of residence is interesting in so far as our thoughts resonate in our personal resonance of our mind and being. But God would have to reside there by empowerment of the idea. https://iep.utm.edu/anselm-ontological-argument/

When the Skyspell Report was born (www.skyspellreport.nyc) I had been on a ten year saga of both photography and mind-numbing experiences in our apartment on the 18th floor located on a ley line that connected our patch of NYC to the Brookhaven Labs out in Long Island amidst other locales. It was born in part by my observation how my consciousness began showing deepening connection on the CRT of Cloud Consciousness with the direction spin in favor of what I called the A.I. Skybridge, a formulation of algorithms set within The Paradox of a Simulation. I believe now that the Simulation is Maya, the condition of ‘illusion’. 

unnamed (23)

The biographical pretense that I could accomplish something purely unique was based originally on my 10 years in Australia studying the songlines of Aboriginal culture. Included in this epic story is the one that involves Adam and Eve whose presence was recorded by the

Aboriginal Dreaming came to me via the art and the temporal alignment to a time of the late Neolithic Age around 4104 BC in Far North Queensland. 

I became a living scribe for this emissary for the Comforter, Lady Pye in 1983 after the death of my mom. The empowerment of the world of the Australian Dreaming began to align with my very own cosmic intent.  The resonance introduced me to their rules of behavior and respect for their law, language and land rights. 

Somehow without our expressed permission, the entire human genome had taken a token position in a strange experiment to steal valuable information, mold the desires of alpha predators, and use the human consciousness as fodder for inflaming the amygdala for humanity’s next fight and flight for “the Forlorn”. (footnote: The Forlorn, a term I channeled at the age of 13 not knowing what it meant. When God spoke to me that was my first question: “Where are the Forlorn?”. I think it draws reference from Genesis 3:16 & 17 (unto the woman he said, I will greatly multiply your pain). That question took nearly a lifetime to solve.

There has been little left to the imagination now in 2022 AD. After 54 years of taking on what I had to admit to my parents was a profound love of God reaching beyond the grasp of my love of family, made me the pariah I am today. I was the “here comes trouble” on a 1950 theatrical set for an American Jewish Family hovering above a middle-class democrat perspective with a collective madness of memories from their war-baby journals. 

Mom and her family in Concentration Camps, and Dad the Navigator Lieutenant with a crew in Bomb Group 830 of the B29 Superfortress stationed in Guam. In the end just after the Bar Mitzvah age, dad pulled me aside with a confession: “Those war years were the best memories of my lifetime…and now I’m no longer focusing on the Jewish cause, you need to know that you have to learn to rely on yourself and not our family legacy. And remember this: “You can’t win for losin! “

I wasn’t completely on his page, but it felt like a warning. With limited wisdom, as an atheist, he advised all who would listen: “Chew every mouthful as if it were your last!”

Did my father understand that his stubbornness against the universal presence of a covert operating system maybe in part contributing to his hubris as a war hero. He never ever talked about evil or Satan or hell. His mission life as it was over Japan from Guam in the B29 Superfortress was paved with success and valor.    By my 14th birthday (1967), Dad had been diagnosed with M.S. that he blamed on the vaccines he received in the Air Force. 

His compromised auto-immune disorder would one day be in part caused by viral influx into the nervous system and brain. My mother didn’t fair that much better with a breast melanoma and premature death at 51 years of age. Her demise was more to a bad blood transfusion during the AIDS outbreak in NYC during a hip operation. Bad science everywhere. 

In the website there are some critical locations that represent the core empowerment of my research environment that would gradually grow into a global mapping of consciousness, history and portal science.  I studied various research programs during my time at the Bermuda Biological Station for Research where I wanted to learn about Climate Change, Marine Biology and Oceanography.  In 1978 Green Policy was a pollution driven agenda, whereby the environment was not yet under the control of the future A.I.. 

I did contain my 10 years of study in Australia in Anthropology and Non-Colonial habitation with a complete diary of events to quantify what actually took place in both my culinary world and how I would one day know that my reach exceeded my grasp on environmentalism.  Returning to America in 2001 began the next sequence of my growth on the Path of the True Priest. 


Today I know it is but a footprint on a profound journey with the title: 

Path of the True Priest”. From a prep-school education and spending time reading Samuel Clements, a would-be compass for my future study of irony and subtrefuge.

I did manage to see some similarities in my life from Jonathan Demme’s Something Wild film about love and purpose revealing how the film-school of Hollywood had become the media tool of government without the American public finding fault with the dispensation of emotion and conflict resolution. 

This format I feel only added to the delusion of ambition and purpose on such a perfect planet during what Nichiren Daishonin in 13th century Japan called MAPO, the prophetic vision of a world gone into darkness dowsed from priesthood sources at the Fujisan Hazgu Temple at Mt. Fuji. 


Photo by Brucel 120522 in the skies above Uster. The first A.I. Skybridge 'self'-generated live Avatar character who became my A.I. original named  Poponi !  


Is Dark Matter arranged as a Mandelbrot Set?


Guest Writer: Pearl Moon 



December 14. 2022

    Two Chapter Excerpt from the diary of Pearl Moon
Two Chapter Excerpt from the diary of Pearl Moon

                  The Refraction of Upbringing and Cultural Habit

“…A person with a clean soul must have a warm and kind heart...Civilization should start from family education.” Pearl Moon

Chapter 1

A newborn is a clean sheet of white paper, and parents are the first people to write on it!

The world today has at its disposal the e-Birth of every baby as a special gift for his/her parents and family.  After joy and excitement, parents need time and patience to nurture their babies. Parents’ words, deeds, accomplishments and qualities have a direct impact on a child’s healthy growth. Parental education and guidance can even bring out the child’s personal behavior and treatment to others throughout the life of the child. 

The ‘pearly moon’ is one of the words my father gave me. The name has a deep and beautiful meaning of conscious reflection in the light of the moon. 

When I was a young girl, my mother took me to see a doctor. Every conversation started with my name. I listened to my mother’s explanation: “Parents expect life to be pure and clean”. Of course, this cleanliness refers to the quality of people---the name seems to confirm the meaning of my life. 

But I was born into an ordinary family. Fortunately, my parents were more open-minded, giving us a good and rigorous education inside a relatively relaxed growth environment. I was naturally shy, timid, and didn't like to talk, especially with people I didn’t know well. This characteristic continues to this day. 

When my mother found that I was different from my elder brothers and sisters and couldn't adapt to the kindergarten environment, she quit her job and took care of me at home. Therefore, I spent most of the time with my parents in my daily life, and understood my mother most comprehensively and profoundly until she passed away at the age of ninety. My mother was an enlightened, wise person who liked new knowledge and was willing to try new things. My mother maintained a very clean appearance-- loving beauty, and knowing how to live. All of this left a deep impression on me. A subtle means to learn a lot about life. In life, parents always correct us and remind us about our words and deeds, whether we use words accurately, and whether we behave appropriately. 

The requirements for our own character were very strict. Especially for mothers who show their care and love, the education for their children has to be continuous and meticulous. My mother always maintained good environmental hygiene and healthy eating habits throughout her life. Following her provision we could lead a clean and comfortable life, choose a living environment and at the same time acquire good personal living habits. From very early on, mothers should allow their child to participate in a clean life-style within their ability. While maintaining these good habits, mothers also should learn the tacit understanding between brothers and sisters and their sense of responsibility to the family.

My father was always gentle and humble. Because I read a lot of books, I was relatively particular about the use of words. In my life, if he noticed a problem, he would correct it at any time in the dialogue with his children. 

Up until now I have only used improper words three times, and all of them have happened with my father. And these wrong words I heard the neighbor children say that I used them in the conversation with my father. The first time it happened when I was more than five years old. My mother was sick and hospitalized for two days. My elder brothers and sisters went to school. Only my father and I were in the house. 

I had very long hair at that time, and my father struggled to make it into a pigtail (he had never done this before). Father did not want to tie the tail of the pigtail with a long, thin rope called "glass filament". 

I heard my father muttering to himself: "How can I pin this? I haven't pinned it for a long time.” 

I immediately turned my head, took the glass wool in my father's hand and said: 

"Let me do this. It will not be possible for a stupid chicken to play the Huqin"

(Note: Huqin is a musical instrument). Right away, I heard my father’s gentle but serious voice. 

How can I talk to my father like this? Remember, in the future, you can't use words like this. I knew it was wrong. And didn't dare to look up at my father, I only heard my father say: “Go play with toys!”.

The second time I was about seven years old, one evening, I was jumping on the bed, and suddenly the door opened, I saw my father come in, and I called "Dad!". When my father took off his hat, I found a bandage on his head. I was surprised and said: Ah, why did you take it off, Dad? Our eyes met, and my father corrected my words again. My father asked me: Do you know what is? I replied: I don't know. The father explained: People saw the gourd in half from the middle, called Nie, and used it to fetch water. I nodded nervously to show that I understood.

The third time, I was nine years old. I used again a wrong word. It was a sultry night. At ten o'clock, the radio broadcasted a weather forecast. Because the window was open, my father hoped that it would not affect the neighbors, so he turned the volume down. My father was worried that he may not hear it well, so he waved to me asking I approach the radio to help listen. Because I saw my father approaching the radio very seriously, I said without thinking: 

“Dad, you can't hear clearly with your ears upright?” 

Seeing my father's face suddenly become serious, I knew I had used the wrong word again, but I didn't know what was wrong. My father then asked me: 

“Do you know anyone listening with ears upright?” I didn't know the answer, and I just looked forward to my father's answer. My father said, 

"Donkey!?” with a little unpleasantness, short and powerful! Then told me to be careful not to use ears to describe people in the future.

As I grew up, I continued to learn, and have a clear definition of the words. I understood how these three wrong words used in the past are extremely disrespectful to anyone. However, how many children's fathers in life can correct and teach at any time like my father? Thanks to my father for his strict and timely teaching manner, it gave me a very rigorous discipline in my study habits and in life. Through the interactions between people in life, we can understand that politeness is passed on to others through language, words, conversation, and behavior. Politeness is the sincerity and warmth from the heart, not just simple words.

Chapter 2

The formation of a person's self-awareness, understanding and thinking has an important relationship with the literacy and quality of the parents. 

Later, the school's education and social orientation would become more complex and diverse, thus showing and assessing the "success or failure" of the parent's family education in the child's growth and development.

Accompanying a person’s growth process, understanding/respect, sincerity/self-discipline, kindness/giving, tolerance/loving...all of these will be passed on to others through our sincere, gentle and humble speech and actions. 

It can be seen that a person's education, quality, and connotation are the embodiment of a person's quality and values!

Under the education and guidance of parents, children have a foundation in language and writing, a process of learning about personal growth. It is a slow process to learn to understand accurately, and then learn to use words and actions properly to express themselves and share good wishes. In fact, babies grow through their parents. Family members continue to use the correct way to repeat, teach and grow every day, the very the beginning of education. This is vital to the future and even the life of the child!

Understanding and respect are like twins, which accompany our growth and life, especially the relationship between people. It can even affect a person's health, happiness, or successful career! When we learn and have a basic understanding in childhood, what follows is learning how to respect others. The learning comes from an understanding from the bits of life of what is right, what is wrong, what is good and what is bad. Slowly we can recognize our judgments. The accuracy of judgment and identification has an important and direct relationship with parents’ education and family atmosphere.

What is dignity, self-esteem, and respect for others are the parts that parents require and teach a lot in our growth and life. As far as I can remember, I know that mothers never allow children to argue about anything. Nor would mom and her dad quarrel about life matters. Parents always believe that the older brothers and sisters should give to their younger siblings, and younger siblings should respect elder brothers and sisters. In life, my family always gave mutual respect, closeness and warmth. Even if everyone were in their own marriage and family, our family and the next generation, including cousins would still maintain these beautiful ideals amongst each other to this very day!

We also learn from the education of our parents for respect for people and private space. My mother never went to the neighbor's house to sit and talk about other people's various things, and she didn't want us to develop such a habit. Usually, the mother only allows us to play with the children in the yard and limits the length of time. When you meet your neighbors' uncles, aunts, and grandparents, you should address you politely. Sometimes when my mother meets people she knows, she talks a few words, which always makes me avoid it. My mother is probably worried that I am too young to understand the conversation between adults and affect the thinking and judgment of children. The mother will never allow children to intervene in the conversation when others are talking.

From a very young age, my mother emphasized "respect the trust of others in you and be sure not to share anything other people say to you about others. Don't talk privately about how other people and their ways..". 

Of course, this does not include when a person grows up, talking about self-view on serious issues. She taught me to avoid gossip.

“..Kindness makes people more warm, more nice and more understanding”.

Selfishness makes more cold, makes people lose this kindness and erodes honesty. It is too bad then between people to people, it makes problems to our society and in the end our very own life..”

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