Skyspell News 2023 : New feature in the Stargate


January 7. 2023

Cloud Com. Report    #IC/1723/SGNode. from Brucel

Abstract: In an advanced intuitive state, I think the A.I. assisted me to locate the exact position of the Stargate Hub in Iceland.  My first location was south of the new position.  I was guided to a study on the Hubble Constant.  In my reading presence I learned that the expansion of the universe is part of the multi-dimensional aspects of wormholes, string theories and ‘dark matter’.  I set out to use this value to validate what would be the nearly exact position of the stargate node in Iceland.    The math construct is congruent with a process that has Mandelbrot formations:

ref: We are in the Valley of the Seahorses: the Mandelbrot set is the set of complex numbers c for which the function fc(z) = z2+c does not diverge to infinity when iterated from z = 0,  i.e., for which the sequence fc(0), fc(fc(0)), etc., remains bounded in absolute value.

The story is told with numbers and how with an A.I. assistant I found an uncanny connection to the West Longitude value of the site under review.  In this redaction I found a large Sky God sculpture seen from 4.6 km above the surface of the Earth with a square nautical mile region.

Diamond Hub is defined as a participating gravity well forming aspects of a nodal Stargate Grid reliant on a scalar formation

The iteration of the light grid number system (the basis designed on the speed of light reciprocal in a 27 hour grid light structure using the sun’s rotation fixed to a 27 hour day) from a large chart of harmonic values, I focused on the arc-cosine value derived from Doug Vogt ‘s calculus on the true value of the original slope of the Cheops Pyramid at Giza.   We begin with the value 52.66 degrees (not 51.85). 

I then converted the speed of separation of matter in the universe from kilometres to miles and then performed the iteration to find a value close to 52.785, namely 52.66. (n.b. a subset harmonic value 26.33 is a prominent latitude and longitude in the geodetic Mapping of the Stargate System).

I used that value and reversed the sums to arrive at a value close to 68 kilom./s/Mpc : 

67.83897, the difference between the listed value and the redacted value was .1610306

 I subsequently wrote it as 16.10306 = the value in degrees as a West Longitude position is  

16 6 11.0154 .  I refined the accuracy to 16 6 10.50 W Longitude.

The West Longitude conversion focused on an existing placement of the polygon form I have identified as a Hexagon Diamond Hub in Iceland.   The Longitude value passes through the Eye of a Geoglyph with a realistic portrait of an E.T. Reptilian God.

The North Latitude positioning:

The Iceland Stargate Diamond Hub was originally set  at 65.05 N. Latitude (65 2 59.9)

The value 65 triggered my recognition of the value 65.46, a value through iteration results in an harmonic number 3928371, the harmonic listed in connection with the Grid Pole Square value 5090 nm whose  ½ value is 2545, the value of the reciprocal of 3928371. The original aggregate of numbers of  Iceland’s Diamond Hub at the time of my discovery, revealed the Hubble Constant. 

With 52.66 as a primary harmonic found in the Stargate System (from Doug Vogt’s calculation of the arc co-sine value, I determined the 68 Km/s/Mpc with a value in miles of 42.228  / 2 = 21.114 / 2 = 105.57 / 2 = 52.785 !

52.785 corrected to 52.66 x 2 x 2 x 2  = 42.128 / .621  = 67.83897 km

68 – 67.83897 = .1610306 km. The number 1610306 was refined to .16102917 with the speed now set to 67.8389708 or 42.128 miles/s/Mpc

The Coordinates for the Icelandic Diamond Hub: North Latitude 65 28 22.2594  (65.47285)\

West Longitude 16 6 10.50 (16.102917 )

The iteration uses 65.47285 / 60 = 1091 / 6 = 18.18 degrees (I first found this value, 1091 in nm as the measure between Marker B and Marker MU (Mundrabilla) , Warrnambool, South Australia).  The Aboriginal story associated with this ley line, song line, is the movement of an Eye in the Sky that was seen along this alignment. 

65.47285 x 60 = 392.8371 ! Reciprocal of the Harmonic of the Grid Pole Cap Diameter

3928371: 1/x. = 2545. ½ measure of the Grid Pole Diagonal North Pole of 5090 nm 

When working to convert measurement into grid light values Bruce L Cathie informed me, the value can remain in the standard imperial value, so no need to convert to grid light values in free space.   So I used the imperial value instead of the grid light value. 

The 52.66 value unveiled the connection point as the refined value for the Hubble Constant. 52.66 is part of the 8 multi dimension design of our reality.   One of the scalar functions of a simulation is the transmutation of pre-atomic matter states to the functional gross state of matter in a 3 axis system. 

I converted that into a latitude of 16 degrees 6 minutes and 10.5 seconds. This value came very close to the geodetic position of the Icelandic Diamond Hub, in the shape of a Hexagram harnessing 8 scalar ley lines passing through the grid-point in Iceland.     I refined the West Longitude alignment to the Eye Center of the Sky God Sculpture and then refined the latitude to the value of 65.472667 replacing 65.06.   

For reasons I’m still very certain, it appears that I was guided to the Hubble Constant value by the A.I. reviewing for me not only how fast the Universe was expanding but the numbers would guide me as close as I could imagine to the actual West. Longitude!   I found the value of 68 km/s/Mpc corrected to the value  67.8389708 km then converting it to:  42.128 miles.  What I needed to do was find the component value that links our 8 dimensional field to the expansion of matter in the universe. 

The turning point was seeing the value 52.785 which I converted to the harmonic 52.66 to derive the more refined value in Grid Light Scalar Values. The number 52.66 becomes an important harmonic value in the proof of how reality is formed from an 8-fold parameter and the formation of our alphabet.  

68 Km/s/Mpc = 42.128  miles / 2 = 210.64 / 2 = 105.32 / 2 = 52.66 

The North latitude and the West longitude fit into this definition of expansion and the location showed a “geobleme-geoglyph-sculpture ” in the exact image of a Sky God/Guardian viewed from 4 miles above the surface of the planet. 

The central part of the Hexagon was a well-defined right eye of an esteemed Reptilian leader or God-like entity! Notice the two faces, one built around the Yang aspect of light and measurement, the other eye more subdued defining a Yin lunar aspect.

Iceland’s Hexagon Diamond Hub
The outward shape of a hexagon surrounds the Eye with an 8 pointed node (an Octagon)
Raw Image of the Reptilian Sky God marking the Stargate Iceland position

The survey lines extend from the Central Eye Hub in Iceland to: 

  1. Oahu Hawaii Diamond Hub
  2. India Diamond Hub NW
  3. Iranian Diamond Hub
  4. Patmos Diamond Hub
  5. Pentagon Hub
  6. Stonehenge Hub
  7. Lake Askja

Harmonic breakdown of the Latitude and Longitude

Where  x prime = 65.472667 and   x = 16.102917

This math presents a compound formula for the area resembling in Mandelbrot’s terms:

The “Valley of the Seahorses” that is expressed in the deconstruction of the latitude and longitude positions.

Harmonic study for Latitude:

90 -x’ = 24.54 / 60 = 4.09 (connection to 4.11?)

4.11 x 60 = 24.696    90 – 24.696 = 65.304 vs 65.472667 . Their difference = 0.168667 , square root = 410.69 (similar value repeated!)

If we take 65.34 as a distance of radius from the EYE : 65.34 x 2 x PI = 411 !  Harmonic for the matter / anti-matter cycle

411.634647, squared = 169443 (reciprocal of the matter/ anti-matter cycle)

Harmonic study for Longitude

180 – x = 163.89783 – 16.102917 = 147.794166 

a)  163.89783 / 6  = 27.315–> 27.3 is found in my geodetic Stargate System of values both as Longitude and Latitude markers.

b)  147.794166 / 60/ 60 = 4.1053935 (411 !)

Radius of the perimeter circle surrounding the EYE = 30.9 nm x 2 = 61.8. Golden Cut Theda

Radius x 2 x PI = 194.1 (close to 195 Harmonic, Tetrahedral harmonic 19.5 degrees!

With a Radius = 31 nm written an 30.9, then:

Area = 30.9 squared x PI = 3000. 1/x = 33 Harmonic !