In my continuing indepth study on how the use of the pentagram had been an assigned means to manipulate certain earth-energy vectors to alter both mind-conscious activities as well as placing a continuing overcontrol messenging system into the surrounding geography.  Region of study:

When looking at the Connecticut Sandy Hook Pentagram (SHP) the central power point is a megalithic structure dated back to pre 900 AD times of the Late Archaic when the Northern European Settlers upholding their mystery tradition found a way to place a 178 tonne granite boulder on a major nodal site, called Balanced Rock connecting geomagnetically not only the  American Stonehenge in New Hampshire but also to Great Britains’ own Stonehenge.  In my years of study with Charles Boyle, Phd Yale on Epigraphy and pre-Colonial habitations in New England he showed me abundant resources around Connecticut demonstrating how Connecticut to include Putnam’s Balanced Rock was part of an early settlement of late Northern European Celtic/Scottish entradas.  

Very close to his home in Danbury, Conn. he located a forgotten stone chamber outfitted with Celtic scripts and exact harmonics built into the sun chamber aligned with the Winter Solstice. He dated the chamber to 1000 AD. He estimated that at the height of their colonization there were at least 23,000 inhabitants who made the voyage across the Atlantic and began a start-up colony. What was further interesting was that a huge boulder was near the chamber in the shape of a dog’s head.

The alignment of the entire network of lines is set to a NNW/SSE ley line with the S.H.P. pointing south.   The Pentagram next to the S.H.P. is embossed with the name Budd Lake Vector and it points North.   Having experienced Budd Lake directly one evening back in 1982, I know that it is a portal of discovery. 

Note that in the S.H.P. it includes one WHITE PEG demonstrating a School Gun Shooting Episode, but also the harmonics of UFO activity in the Newburgh, NY area energized in January 1982.  Those infamous encounters were part of many of my own in that same year.  When combined the vectors define the PENTAGRAM as a scalar mechanism to combine both field energies with the multi-dimensional system that surrounds all carbon-based life forms.  In all my case studies the PENTAGRAM location includes at least one School or Mall Shooting (White Pegs).  

The entire scalar reed from Pentagon, DC through Budd LakeHub to the Pentagram Hub at Balanced Rock follows the Ley-Line into American Stonehenge in New Hampshire and onto Stonehenge UK.

The Sandy Hook Pentagram December 12. 2012

Eastcoast Showing a Northeast to Southwest view of the scalar-reed vector from South George through Washington DC up through New England to New Hampshire
So.West to No.East Scalar Reed Map orientation From Southern Georgia to New Hampshire
The Lost Megalithic History of Connecticut
  1. Parallelogram associated with Stargate Portal Transport System
  2. Bridgewater Triangle, marked out in much earlier times for ritual purposes
  3. Gungywamp another relic of a star-temple oriented to the Sun/Moon Positions focusing around Balanced Rock.
  4. American Stonehenge New Hampshire, final destination before the ley line moves
  5. across the ocean to Stonehenge, UK. 

The question remains who were the former stargate engineers who guided the voyagers and the geomancer across 3,333 miles of the Atlantic to restore the broken grid from the last Solar Nova Clock-Cycle event 10,022 BC.

In the process of examining these idioms of concern, I paused to remember the 26 victims (6 adults and 20 children) whose names are restored along with their sealed spiritual encounters with the Stargate System. 26 is part of the 52.66 code as the angle measure of the Great Pyramid of Egypt when the casing stones were in place. This value represents the 8 tiered multi-dimensional matrix of carbon based realities, represented by the octagon. (see the Arc-cosine value). The value 26.3 is part of the same vector used in positioning of the portal geographics around the planet both in latitude and longitude. The alphabet presented to the world by Moses represented 26 positions as letters to bring a common language to the Little Blue Planet. We can use the wavelength of Hydrogen at 8.307 as a function of the value 26.1. 8.307 times PI = 26.09

Note the Main Dragon Line from Balanced Rock from North Salem runs SSW to a portal I discovered
above the neighborhood near COSTCO NYC 117th Street
. Also notice the East West SHP line touches an Indian Burial Mound near W. Searsville Road, New York. Also in view is the American Dream Mall Shooting inside the BUDD LAKE Vector Ring.