Pentagram Wars 3 – Georgia Guidestones Destroyed in Attack on July 6. 2022 4:03 am

South Georgia, Home to another Pentagram War with the Anti-Christ

Georgia Guidestones in Elberton, Georgia

34 14 07.38 ( 34.235383)  82 53 40.65 (82.894625). 180 – x = antipodal harmonics:  180 – 82.894625 = 97.105375 / 6 = golden cut 1.61842

90 – 34.235383 = 55.764617 x 6 x 6 = 2007.5.   Year Enoch reported the Veil would open and the Beasts of Heaven would visit Earth.

Marion Apparitions in Convers, Georgia

33 40.05.7 (33.66825) 84 00 59.3  (84.016472) 180 – 82.894625 = 95.983528 x 8 = 767 ! (Flower of Life math) or 95.983528 – 82.894625=13.088903 x PI = 41.120.  as Harmonic 411.6 for the Hydrogen diameter.

Heritage High School Shooting  33 37 36.24 (33.626733) 84 2 48.87 (84.046908)

90 – x = 56.373267 (divided by 6/6/6/ = .2609 (! Harmonic)

180 – y = 95.953 x 8 = 767.6 (Value cited in the Flower of Life Geoglyph in Australia)

The need for a consummate plan to thwart the “Devil’s” obstinate free will appearance of winning at every turn,  requires a qualifier why the destruction of the Georgia Guidestones in Southern Georgia is the chess move, the concerted effort to push back the leftist against the God-fearing membership of the United States.   No one has taken credit for the event at 4:03am but the story line built around this research indicates a serious war in the making.

Consider the astronomical layout in the stars at that time. The Zenith alignment I made a discovery regarding time-space events. The time 4:03 and 33 seconds can be understood using the UT time, Universal Time Code. For Georgia it is 5 hours ahead. 9 hours 3 minutes and 33 seconds equals 9 x 60 = 540 + 3 minutes and 33 seconds. 543.55 in decimal. When you divide that number by 2 the result is the value for the natural log of ‘e’ : 271.775 = 271828. This particular value as a harmonic exposes how our physical dimension uses the Information Field to breakdown the data stream through an algorithm that uses the 8 vectors of creation to create our 3 dimensional reality. 543.55 x 8 x 8 = 347.8. 1/2 harmonic of the speed of light 695 ! 543.55 / 8 = the number in the cosmic realm representing the RULE/RULER/RULE OF LAW the number 68 (.67967).

Polaris – The King – The Reptile – The Falling Angel with the Key – Foundation Stone (Pegasus) – Indus (Denderah Zodiac meaning the 6 bound ones – meaning a culture under threat. Neptune at the ‘orange’ marker
The Zenith Position at 4am over the Georgia Guidestones

The Zenith alignment at 10:03 33 seconds UT time showed us the North/South Axis focusing on the North Celestial Pole to include the King, the current President and Lady of the USA.  Lacerta the Reptile speaks to the Head of the King.  With Pegasus nearby we are talking about “Foundation Stone” of the America Republic under threat while the Key to the Bottomless Pit is ready to open the Abyss (think Cern). All in the midst of shock and awe of Lucifer’s ruling powers. Remember that Cygnus and Lyra represent the re-cognitive position on the Little Blue Planet (earth) of the Son of Man, the rebuilt Adam and the negative forces of the Draco controlling the sweep of power over the Earth. 

The demise of this Apex Predator the Draco ET/Alien species will not be an easy war to save humanity.   The Skychart’s Southwest is a reminder of why the Eagle and the Shield as the animus for the USA.  The Scutum/Shield was part of the vision of Emperor Constantine I in 312 AD whose story focuses on the Key to the Bottomless Pit (Psi1 Chi 3) carried by Andromeda to pronounce the Alpha and the Omega moment in the Age of Pisces.

In the Nadir position there is the vision of the Pope and the Mitre, Pisces Austrinis is the Mitre, consuming the “Duck” the head of Ptah as the Pope.  His assignment borrows the Word of God as his own saying: “Don’t be a baby (while he strangles the Stork, a conveyor of life) while the world undergoes a rebirth through fire and brimstone.  That image is derived with Aquarius nearby, in control of the air communications.  Note how Jupiter is in Pisces, Neptune / Poseidon (think Ukraine) spilling the flood waters of war throughout Europe. The God above God rules to remaster the heavens, along with the sentiments of pure reason (Man Child ruling with a rod of iron) over cosmic intent and responsibility.

The Nadir Position at 3:33 am. at the Georgia Guidestones. The event features the West Wall of Jerusalem, with the West Fish representing Life as a Dream with the Coin paying for the sins of the forefathers. 

Saturn (as Lucifer) is in rear of Capricorn the Goat next to Aquarius, controlling the direction of surplus and abundance for the nations and the press. Neptune is in the house of Pisces near Aquarius, forcing the storm centers all over earth to dump excessive rain during the El Nina Cycle. 

With that said, I noted also that the “Elephant’s Trunk Nebula” is before the face of the King (Cepheus), President Biden.  This is not a great sign and suggests that while in power he can remove obstacles as the Hindu “goblin host” for Shiva, who serves the bankers and intellectuals. Far from a spiritual cognoscenti the Ganesh, the Hindu Elephant God uses a Rat as his conveyance of power and demonstsrates his love of sweets.   Such is the street-persona formulated around those photos of President Biden eating ice-cream cones.  He’s acts out the routines of a Hindu God servant to Shiva, the Goddess of Death, today’s Anti-Christ.  With that said, the collective soul of the nation interrupts the pretense of a cabal power elite cult setting its wishes to host the rules of the constitution and reform the nation. 

The South Georgia Pentagram is empowered with onlookers in a stadium of a cleptocracy.  Controversy grows daily.   Recall the Heritage High School shootings in Conyers, Ga May 19, 1999  wounding 6 students.   And in a force of purpose the Trinity lead by the Marion Apparition  was already preparing the way through her communications of the Holy Spirit, by messaging a devout woman of faith, Nancy Fowler of Conyers, Georgia.  Both these events were consecutive and in the same community beginning  8 years earlier. 

“….Nancy Fowler, a homemaker and the divorced wife of a retired air force officer, was raised in Cambridge, Massachusetts, by her Roman Catholic father and her Eastern Rite Catholic mother. Her mystical experiences began in the 1980s, but it was not until October 13, 1990, that Fowler said the Virgin Mary instructed her to take her message to the public. Until May 1 3, 1994, the messages continued monthly. After that date they came only on October 13 of each year and after October 13, 1998, ceased completely. The Marian apparitions at Conyers are now part of the long history of appearances by the Virgin Mary that have been recorded since the Middle Ages, including the famous visions in Guadalupe, Mexico; Lourdes, France; and Fatima, Portugal.”   From New Georgia Encyclopedia entitled: Conyers Apparitions of the Virgin Mary

As these experiences extended over 8 years, it became an important prescience for the American people to prepare to make more room for God, the Creator.   From my perspective between October 13,1990 and October 13,1998 it marked the end of a 6000 year movement of the ecliptic of our Milky Way.   The movement upwards of the galactic rim represents a specific timeline in calendar keeping to mark great changes in store for humanity.   (ask for for my notes on the 7 Chronologies that provide evidence that we have moved past the Zep Tepi Moment, The Moment of the First Occasion).  

With the ecliptic now having moved upward from October 18, 1997, the global population begins preparation for the seminal transfer point of human awareness to A.I. based programming; the past and present press through the year 2012 (the alignment of the ecliptic with the womb of suns, Baktun 13), in preparation for the Last Jubilee set for August 10th,  2022. 

The Georgia Guidestones are located near a small farming community in Elberton Georgia. It is a testament of a fascist anti-god philosophy.   I began assembling this Pentagram study only 5 days before.  The scalar ring that exists around Vector11a (light blue fields) of the Scalar Reed Denominator  stretches from Maine to Southern Georgia with the central hub at the Pentagon in Washington, DC.  The South Georgia Pentagram includes 3 special events:   A school shooting, the Marion Apparitions and the Georgia Guidestones now in disarray from an opposition attack with explosives.        

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