The Pentagram Wars Part 2


June 16. 2022

Abstract:  There exists an interconnectivity between Stargate Nodes that were ‘earmarked’ with the Pentagram design to enhance over-control mechanisms against the American people and service as an information exchange point. In Part 2 I continue with the analysis of 3 hubs: Oklahoma, Austin and Avondale. 

Moving to a different sector of the USA Stargate Architecture, within this 24 hub hosted nationwide A.I. network, I found further provisions of surveillance and forceful interference on our social city networks around the nation.  The Pentagon Hub serves as the nation’s major com-center for the Scalar Reed Operation © 2019 controls.   Activities are surveillance of human behavior and in more advanced cases, social dominance using Pentagram/Scalar Hub sets tied to A.I./Mind Interface, and participation in time-space travel.    The Austin Network and the Oklahoma Network when combined serve as a powerful A.I. ‘hammer’ and sensory organ for eco-system information management. 

The Austin Texas Grand Pentagram uses these locations to build the pentagram

  1. David Koresh’s Camp  
  2.  Centerville, Texas Collin Family killing 
  3. Colleyville Synagogue hostage situation 
  4. an Austin Park secret cave location 
  5.  3 verified locations of Dogman/Wolf cryptid sightings and attacks on humans
  6.  a Tornado that occurred along one of these vectors.

The Austin Hub shows the Lessor Pentagram  pointing south instead of north and the Grand Pentagram pointing north with an axis of 157.27 degrees NW/SE .  

{Harmonics: 157.27+180 = 337.27 / 8 / 8 = 5.269 (very close to 52.66 !) 337.27, square root = 18.3649 1/x reciprocal / 2 = 272 ! Natural Log of ‘e’}

These hubs share unique portal signatures that receive and transmit subsequent data streams in quantum base scalar waves (behavior monitored below the skin with the use of cell phones).    The pentagram structure is an interface design template serving as an  ET/Alien overcontrol platform to perform the assasinations, abductions,  encounters and cryptid zoological experiments.  As data expanded on the reports of Dogman and Sasquatch encounters around the nation, my red peg assembly grew quickly. I began to see patterns emerging that the reports demonstrated a consistent pattern of experiences, where the encounters were separated by a constant distance that made it appear that colonies were emerging throughout the more rural forested regions of America.

The Grand Pentagram is interlocked with the Oklahoma Hub through the recent sudden death of over 3000 head of cattle. See the purple ring. The center of the Pentagram is Ring 8 of the Tulsa Hub. Note how the Dogmen Encounters are clustered in N.E.Sector.

These creatures sustain themselves within the scalar rings and perceive the human ecosystem as our equivalent of a working holiday. They use the harmonics to gauge their moods for food or perception enhancement amongst other species. They are part of a long term experiment under the watchful eye of our Navy and ET/Alien oversight.   All the encounters are tied to quantum ring signatures that display inter-dimensional characteristics permitting these cryptids to evade detection and communicate with their prey.  These locations use time-space grid measurements built on algorithms  that interfere with the dominant lightwave spectrum (see Epilogue page 227 in Skyspell Over New York on the Hellier ET Subterranean species).

In Skyspell Over New York I share a black and white photo from a color Google Earth Pro capture of a living Skin-Walker/Wolf creature holding court with many different type of entities, large and small.    The high mountain bluff out west is an entrance to their world social order.     Overall the inclusion of Native American archaeology is also part of the extensive ‘grid system’ to include burial mounds, sacred places and mythologies of past life events.  Another feature of the multi-dimensional ecosystem is that the entities and creatures captured on these maps reveal a mutant co-dependent social order living beneath the surface of the planet. Some maybe miscreants from lab experiments co-existing with the rogue ET/Alien colonies.

The plethora of markers now require a revised program to isolate the many layers that compose the definitions for the harmonics of distance, time, direction and stellar orientation. 

White Pegs:  Assignments involving murder

Yellow Pegs : Historical features

Red Pegs:  Cryptid Behavior against humans

Purple Pegs: unusual weather phenomena

Blue Pegs:  assigned locations for highway accidents and weather phenomena

Skyview of the Avondale Shipyard Portal and its four scalar rings. Highest statistics for shootings of all the Hubs.

The Avondale Hub in Mississippi (a place proven to be a meeting zone between human and ET/Alien groups) is another central hub-vortex that coordinates over 6 White Peg Shooting events right up to the Uvalde, Texas shootings.  I’m certain these events are not random, having seen that a math formula ties together the scalar-side with a control grid algorithm.    All of the Pentagram and non-Pentagram zones include education centers for America’s youth, Church and cemetary areas, places of cerebral thought forms like art galleries and food markets.    The Avondale Hub is a portal useful in a control grid with the ‘scalar rings’ acting also as spherical shells. The evidence of the many shootings and killings in schools sit within a 509.0 nautical mile radius with approximately 5 scalar rings.    The largest identifiable scalar field is the Pentagon Hub of a 543.656 nautical mile radius tuned to the natural log of ‘e’ (271.828 nautical miles) with its 14 rings , 7 of which are related to the Boom Sound Events ( the radius 543.656 squared x PI = the Earth-Sun distance of 92.8 million miles). 

The Pentagon Hub D.C. Largest Portal Control Center in the world

The measurement in scalar distance (nautical miles)  from the Avondale Hub to the Petroleum Marathon Refiney is the diameter of 22.9 nm with a circumference of a circle of 71.942471 x 2 = 143,884.9 Speed of Light in grid values at the Earth’s surface.  This refinery was forced to shut down in February 2022 for reasons not cited.  The consistent information field of these rings provide enough evidence that ‘action at a distance’ is the mechanism of force.     One direct experience I can recall is my living inside the Forest Hills Portal Vortex and recalling the night when the Astoria, Queens, N.Y. substation exploded.  It resembled an ‘attack’ contrary to Governor Como’s response. The resulting  explosion was shown on camera to be initiated by a blue-beam laser from a location somewhere in the Troposphere.   The event occurred after my experience one afternoon when the supersized vortex opened revealing a large UFO and thought forms that appeared in the A.I. Skybridge. One was Satan (photos by Brucel) (W. Longitude 73.8448 –> one harmonic is 90 – 73.8448 = 16.18 Golden Cut 1.618)

A.I. Skybridge performance of “Satan” who appeared on the day of the Vortex event in Forest Hills, NY
The massive opening of the Forest Hills Portal/Vortex on October 31. 2018 exposing a UFO craft and the profile of Lucifer.

Note the Avondale Hub shares the same West Longitude with the “Mystery Site Along Boom Sound Vector”.  Both are in Mississippi.  West. Longitude : 90 degrees 11 minutes 34 seconds ( 90.19261)

(n.b. 1926.1  square root of x = 43.887355 x 6 = 2633.241 squared =  693395 = 69443 = 695 !)

The forcefulness of this architecture of the Austin Pentagrams and their connection to the Oklahoma Hub reveal extraordinary filaments of data. 

  1. At the onset of the Oklahoma State Legislature, to permit the removal of the Mosaic Statue of the 10 laws and replace it with Baphomet Statue showing children under the supervision of the Goat God, Satan.  That statue would go into the alignment East of North in the garden.
  2. Tionker Air Force base is present in the Scalar Ring assimulation. 
  3. 8 scalar rings are accounted for with 5 oriented to cryptid sightings and attacks
  4. One scalar ring identifies the St. Francis Health System Shooting (white ring). 
  5. The West Longitude of interest becomes part of a PX hard angle viewing in the near future.   The coordinates that were provided by Ben Denoon identifies also a very strong weather problem zone, as April 12th showed with severe storms (viewed at the MrBB333 website).  
  6. Cherokee, Choctaw, Muscogee and Chickasaw nations are represented here
  7. Super Storm event along W. Longitude 97 degrees 17 14.23 (97.287286) : expressing harmonic 9.72872 – 180 = 170.27127 !
  8. 80% of the events review cryptid sightings and attacks, by Dogman entities.
  9. 3000+ head of cattle perish mysteriously in Ulysses, Haskell County Southwest Kansas (223 nm from Tulsa Center)(222.7464 / 6 = 37.1244 ! Reciprocal of the Energy Harmonic 2693645)
  10. W. Longitude xxx bisects the Austin Pentagram Architecture essentially connecting  2 resources to include Grid Pole A  at the North Pole to Teohautican Pyramid in Yucatan.
  11. Distance in nautical miles (minutes of arc) between Tulsa Capitol Building and Austin Pentagram oriented on a North South Axis with a measurement of 

226 nm x 6 = 1356 x 2 = 271828 (natural log of e).  The two points are azimuth to one another.

Tulsa, Oklahoma’s Controlled Hot Zone with 8 Scalar Rings to include St. Francis Hospital Shooting and the death of 3000+ head of cattle

Lessor Pentagram linked surreptitiously to Austin businessman Alex Jones Infowars Offices with an alignment to the Uvalde, Texas shooting. Northwest to Southeast View.