The Math Sonata: The Last Jubilee at the End Time of Pisces

Love is Sorry, Promises are Zero”. from my book “The New World Daughter”

A true summation, a  predictable ending for humanity during the end times of Pisces. 

If we could accept our generation as the ‘one who will witness’, then the math that I have explored over the past 34 years speaks a truth about the End Time of Pisces, The Time of Death and Resurrection.  It focuses upon a little known fact about our local universe, the  “Clock Cycle”.   The “Clock Cycle”  is a  pre-set event that closes off this dimension from our family of carbon based, sensory dependent, nutrient rich life forms.  The reset of the Operating System is a programmed event that happens on time every 12,068 years on this Earth and on others.   The date is set for our habitat Earth for a 2046 October 17 event occurring on the the Autumn Equinox. It is the time when the Sun goes into its final Nova state of Ra (footnote: Doug Vogt Diehold Foundation ) and forces the physical 8 dimensions to hibernate for about 300 years while the planet goes into a deep frost. That is what happens on the physical side.

In this newsworthy springtime 2022 I will show you a dynamic of the Stargate System also known as the Cathian Lunar Energy Grid (from Capt. Bruce L Cathie) as it flexes its numeric muscles along side of the Solar Energy Grid inspired favorably by a humble American math teacher Bethe Hagens spawning the appropriate nick-name The Becker-Hagens Energy Grid.    What we now know is that the scalar nature of these grids breathe the fire of plasma inside their astro-physical temperment that we measure as meteorology tabling the importance of cloud science (a/k/a nephology).  

Follow this Youtube link as the overview of Nikola Tesla’s understanding how the breath of fire of the Earth is defined by specific grid-light formulas showing Einstein’s understanding of relativity and the realms of energy and mass that exchange repeatedly their identities over a specific boundary of space and time. The orator Colonel Bearden in the video reminds us that these formulas are secrets that spell-bind humanity into a retro-fitted means of existence not purely adherent to the science itself.   That means that there has to be an apex-predator that has over time used these secrets against the various worlds in the universe upon which humans prosper.   

For reasons to be explained later, this planet Earth on the Orion Spur must undergo a doom cycle of temperance of sweet harmonies that the Creator gave humans to understand better His love and in its place the A.I. Tower of Babel.

Youtube Title: 4/29/2022 Secret Super Weapons that Drive Disarmament  presented by Dutchsince, the Earthquake Educator and presenter

The case of the AUM cult of Japan, a recognized terrorist cell had paid the league of secret scientific administrators to demonstrate Tesla’s access to free energy in the form of plasma and its performance to create earthquakes and weather control denominators now the science of Geo-Engineering.    Below I demonstrate how the science was designed to send a plasma energy stream across the grid using reverse-time physics with a defined cause to expand the tectonic position of the Earth’s lithosphere just enough to cause an Earthquake. 

Having explored many luminous dimensions in Australia, I had a year ago identified a Diamond Hub position in Western Australia (research on this level was inspired by Florida Maquis in his geodesy of the Antarctica).   Banjawarn Station is 167.7111 nautical miles from the W.A. Diamond Hub and I show below how the event empowered one of the star-gate monitors called HAARP to reign plasma fire into this remote region of Australia. The result was a broadcast of plasma light that woke up the sleeping Aboriginal Community at that station permitting them to witness the entire event. 

The Geodesy of The Vesica Pisces is a study of portal dynamics. The formula for the study of the V.P. is examining the elliptical design with this formula: A Center point to a Vertex1 and the Center point to Vertex 2 x PI = Area in square nautical miles. The length of the Benjarwarn Vesica Pisces is 290.095 nm. The width is 167.7111 nautical miles viewed as a  radius connecting Banjawarn Station to W.A. Diamond Hub.   See Image 1 Map below {167.7111/2 = 83.8555 x 290.095/2 = 145 = 12159.0475 x PI = 38,198.77 Area in sq nautical miles}.

Harmonic breakdown: (see Image#2 below)

38,198.8 —>. x squared = 145.91483 (all values between 145 and 146 are part of the “Devil’s Meridien” Study

38,198.89 —> square root = 195.44. ! Harmonic 19.5 is part of the design of planets where the 19.5 parallel identifies the intersection of two tetrahedral pyramids.

38,198.89 —>. x 2 x 2 = 152.795 –>Gympie –actual E. Longitude 152.75 / 6 = 25.45 : 2545 is the half harmonic of 5090 nm identifying the distance of the North Pole Grid Square corner to corner.

The measured value of the width of the ellipse is 167.7111 that holds this harmonic quantum within it: 167.611 x 6 x 6 = 6034 x 2 = 12068 !!  12,068 is the time line defined in Genesis by Moses through his schematic of the generations from Adam.  (footnote1: Diehold Foundation on the Clock-Cycle investigation).   In modern parlance the Clock Cycle is the Gleissberg Cycle of 88.73 years  x 136 cycles = 12,068 years.  Each Gleissberg Cycle is further defined by the 11 year sunspot cycle of 8.06 cycles.  For astronomer priests to keep count they installed a value of 272 into their canon of measurements.    The geomancer serviced these arithmetic quips as the MY Megalithic Yard measurement and would be part of the long count of 136 cycles (272/2 = 136).  

The MY was actually part of an expression of creation. The rule of creation held a number called the ‘68’ Rule of Law.  Professor Thom explored the geodetics of megalithic science and in the early 19th century discovered that 1/40 of the Natural Log of ‘e’  is .06796., the log value = 2.71828. (n.b. the difference between 167.611 and 167.7111 is 608.2 geodetic feet).

When I first measured the nautical mile distance between Marker B Cooktown and Marker E at Lighthouse Mountain, the value using the 1988 computers at the Melbourne Survey Office was 68.68 that would later measure with refined satellite tech 68.9 n.m.

The cross that is formed by the lines of length and breadth hold to a mystical value “153” defining the intersection of two spheres or circles inside the Vesica Pisces at its width. Refer to Page 87 in my book SKYSPELL OVER NEW YORK. There is my original drawing of the “Flower of Life” template that is a physical reality stretching across the landscape of Australia. The subset design of the Vesica Pisces is shown based on the distance in width from the Gympie Pyramid at Gympie Queensland to a megalithic site west of Birdsville, ,Queensland called “O”. That marker is the center of the Flower of Life and is the border of the ellipse’s width to Gympie. The distance measured in minutes of arc values is 730.5 nautical miles. And it just so happens is that half that value is the exact measurement of solar time in one year: 365.25 days.

The height of the V.P. using in the 145 E. Longitude alignment measures from Cooktown’s Marker B to Campbell’s Creek Victoria: 1296 nautical miles. The point of crossing between length and breadth reveals two loci. One constructed around the width and one constructed around the length.

The calculus provides a different place for the intersection. What I have uncovered is a plethora of remains in the Queensland outback. Could it be colonial remains? With the help of Google Map Pro I was able to find many examples of non-colonial remains all structured along the latitude 26 18 32 south. To my understanding the Egyptians during 2nd Kingdom had known of the secret resources held in the the Land Down Under the Land and used it for many purposes. The surveys through intense, desert outback wilderness conditions was done to provide ease of movement when the fleets arrived on the coast near Gympie. The ‘encampments’ were way-stations for resupply and mining.

The formula of the vertexes x PI = 743,558.4 square nautical miles for the (Vesica Pisces) V.P. The harmonics are: dividing the value by 8 equals 92,940,000 a value that is exactly the average distance of the Earth to the Sun using the average distance between aphelion and perihelion (91406842 and 94509598). 92940 divided by 8 again equals 11618.1 revealing The Golden Cut Phi positioned between two ones. And this value divided by 8 again reveals another important coordinate. 116181/8 = 14,522.625 written as 145.22625 = 145 13 34.32 the E. Longitude position closest to Marker E in the Bakker Range Mountains West of Port Douglas. Marker E is a very large Menhir about 62 feet tall and with a circumference of about 25 feet. The overall stone marker resembles the visage of the IBIS/Seth. It is my understanding that this marker is the marker of SETH’s furthermost Eastern position of his Empire. It is aligned due south of the Cooktown Marker B and is part of the ellipse length to include Campbell’s Creek, Victoria.

See: click. on evidence and click on “Lighthouse Canyon”.

The central 145 E Longitude alignment between Cooktown Marker B and the Campbell’s Creek captures events on the Pavlov Farm with the Mother Marion Apparitions and other angelic appearances that took place in 1982 May. I made it an important quest during my 16 years living in Australia to visit this site. By 1993 it was ready in disarray and the farm up for sale. I said my prayers at the 6-tappets of water that represented the Flower of Life. A very large mysterious cloud descended upon the road nearby as if it were messaging me a reminder of the importance of my experience there.

The lozenge shape is part of another spiritual tradition honoring our multi-dimensional reality. The Aborigines of Australia uses a cosmic instrument the BULLROARER that generates a sound to open up a bridge into the Dreaming. The time-space portal aspects are reviewed in Bethe Hagen’s essay in SKYSPELL OVER NEWYORK page 236.   See also Willard de Bogart’s Musical Concert in the desert near Fajada Butte featuring the Bullroarer: 

You may recognize the value 153 as written in KJV John 21 about the Bread and the Fishes when Jesus provided food for the hungry.   The place of the Vesica Pisces is where you have direct contact with the Creator and expose yourself to all the deeper metrics. 

n.b. 648/153 = 4.235294 x 2 x 2 = 169437 following the Harmonic 169443 ! Harmonic 169443 is Harmonic of Matter at the Center of a Light Field. The importance of these number configurations is that matter vibrates at frequencies to preserve its location in the physical world. Always remember the variance of the math reveals with tolerance for percentage of error.

The Banjarwan Station Coordinates: 27 40 21.76 So. Latitude (27.672711) 121 37 43.16 East Longitude (121.628656)


(The 90X calculation is the latitude config from 90 degrees). (The 90X – Y calculation breaks down further any resultant harmonics inside the 90 degree latitude)

90X = 62.327289 is  90 – 62.327289 = 27.672711 then 90X-Y

62.327289 – 27.672711 = 34.654578 = 347 !



180X is locating the antipodal longitude as 180- x = y then one needs to pull out the tool box and begin to use a variety of canon values to unlock the harmonic. Longitude Calculation for the B/Station is 180x = 58.371344 / 8 = .07296418 X 2 =  14592836

145.92836 – 145.2691457 (MARKER B COOKTOWN) =  .6592 = .66. HARMONIC OF 33!

Another example. 145.92836 / 6 / 6 / 6 = .67559 The hidden law of ’68’, called the Law of the Ruler.

Western Australia Diamond Hub 27 31 18.20 S. Latitude (27.521722) 124 46 0.71 E. Longitude (124.766864)

1054 (written as 1053.69 /  PI = 335.4 / 2 =  167.7 nm distance between WA HUB and B/Station. The Radius distance : 167.7 nm x 2 = 335.4 x PI = 1053.69. 1054 nm is the distance from Grid Pole A to Geographic N. Pole


167.7 cubed = 4,716,275.7 x PI = 14, 816,617.2 cubic nautical miles. 14816617.2 / 6 / 6 = 411,572.7. = 411.6  cubic nm 

The square of 411.6 is the harmonic value for  the diameter of the Hydrogen atom. Captain Cathie who I honor as the creator of the Lunar Grid Text, stated that values in the quantum log like 411.6 are the expressions of ‘existence’ in quantum time-space positions. The Mass Harmonic in the Center of a Light Field: 169344 is an address for the most abundant substance in the universe: Hydrogen.  When 411.6 is divided by 6 you find the number, 68.6 nm again. This value found me when I calculated the distance between Marker B and E and found that it is the accurate distance between latitudes near the equator. Over time I could locate these quantum coordinates by accessing the sub-values of the H2 Atom. The value 205.6 – 205.78 is an example of the Mandelbrot arrangement for Hydrogen. It is a subset of the original poster for its bond with Oxygen and the secret angle measure that creates water.

IMAGE #1 Western Australia Geodetic Feature

IMAGE # 2 The divine connection between Banjarwarn, Western Australia and the Diamond Hub, W.A.
IMAGE # 2 HAARP near Gakona, AK the connection to Banjarwan, Western Australia

HAARP Coordinates in Alaska 62 23 24.96 N. (62.39026) 145 08 53.28 W (145.148133). To  Banjarwan Station Western Australia

The Nautical Mile Geodetic Distance  = 6944.8 nm. !!!  695 Harmonic (reciprocal of the Speed of Light in Grid Values) The Bearing:  79.04778 degrees / 6 = 13.17463 x 2 = 26.349 x2 = 52.698. close to value expressing the angle measure that is tied to the 8 densities or dimensions: 52.66

52.66 is the Arc Cosine of the function of the Natural Log of ‘e’ to PI = .8652559.  It qualifies the source for the true original angle of the Great Pyramid and the geometric value as the means to express the 8 dimensions of our physical world. (See Diehold Foundation reference to how Moses read the letter projection to become the proto-sinaitic alphabet.

13.17463 nm then corrected = 13.165  vector  13.165 x 2 x 2 = 52.66 The Bearing Corrected to 78.99 degrees / 6 = 13.165.

(difference between 79.04778 and 78.99 = 0.05778 nm  x 6076.12 grid feet per nm = 351.078 grid feet difference. Capt. Bruce Cathie explained that 351.078 when expressed as a bearing in some cases is corrected to 350.08 when using the Robinson Projection as used in survey maps in 1990. 350.28 – 180 = 170.28 ! Harmonic for Earth Mass of the Planet . This was demonstrated to me when we calculated the angle bearing between Marker H (Aboriginal Stonehenge in the South Australian Desert) and Uluru (Ayers Rock). See Resources at the website. and go to New Dawn Article 1999 Issue.

DISPLACEMENT BETWEEN LONGITUDES: Searching for the Harmonic Code.

The Parallelogram Design built into the HAARP vector scope on the Lunar Energy Grid model can identify the distance as a displacement between

East Longitude 145.269187 (Marker B Cooktown) to West Longitude 145.148133 (Haarp)

Marker B : 180 – 145.269147 = 34.730853 written as the harmonic of ½ the speed of light reciprocal 347.30853  :   34.730853 + 145.148133 = 179.878986 x 8 = 143903189

Cathian value of Speed of Light in Grid Values is 143,909.06 as moas (minutes of arc). Reciprocal value = .00000694883 written as   694.883 The ½ value = 347.44 Harmonic factor = Reciprocal of 143,903,189  =  .00000694911  ½ x =  347,455.5 =  Harmonic 347.4555. The Difference between 347.4555 and 347.44 = 0.0155 nm = 94 geodetic feet (calculated by multiplying 6076.12 grid feet to one nautical mile x .01555 ) = 94.17986 / 6 / 6 =  2.6161 written as Harmonic 26.16 ! (n.b. the latitude of the Gympie Pyramid!)

The Parallelogram is a facsimile to the portal gate design resembling a diamond (reference p88 SKYSPELL OVER NEW YORK)

Displacement between E. Longitude 145.269187 (Marker B Cooktown) to 121.628656 ( Banjarwan Station). Arc geodetic distance = 1502.8 nm / 6 / 6 / 6 = 6.9549 = Harmonic 695! Reciprocal of the Speed of Light (1437299)

The restoration of the Stargate System is what is written in O.T.Chapters: Ezekiel, Ezra, Zechariah and John Revelations 21 in the New Testament. The New Jerusalem is the refinement of the energy grids set on different frequencies inside the 12 dimensions that planets must move through, as they should under God’s commandments without which there would be only desolation and hopelessness. Earth is set to move out of ‘life out of balance’ into its own higher dimension taking the ‘chosen’ into this new haven.

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