The Lost Keys of You and Me

May 21. 2022

My research project going on 40 years took on a mathematical format built upon the architecture of time-space relativity outlined in Einsteins Theory of General Relativity. My daily routines had to redefine the geodetics within the database as it grew larger year to year.    The accuracy behind megalithic science was the focus early on in my field work demonstrating a valid connection to a subset of Empire Reconstruction using a quantum position inside the canon of measurement.    The skillset used by the geomancer and astronomer priests before The Early Archaic Period as far back as the Neolithic provides some indication that a higher-order of intelligentsia made the data available and stored the canon in arcane books in Abbies all over the world.   

{note: I’m seeing the overlap of early megalithic science in New England with the current “Scalar Reed” system now in place. Title of the report is “Gungywamp Archaeology, a microcosm of a universal code”}

The relationship between a specific geodetic arrangement actually redefined the Ley-Line System of North West Europe by Professor Thom, into a quantum designed system based on vectors moving with the speed of light expressed in grid values.   Specifically with the value of 27 harnessing the alternate quantum field operating on a 27 hour day. 

Somehow I made the connection early on when I asked Captain Bruce L Cathie who authored many books on the use of the grid-light value in his research on geodetics and UFO movements helped me redefine megalithic science and a possible connection to the Stargate System. The geodetics I subscribe to presents our LBP (Little Blue Planet ) as a porous multi-dimensional model with gateways, portals, vortexes all supporting a carbon-based system but with original rules and laws of responsibility to be followed.   I feel very strongly that what started out in Australia looking for a forgotten or lost “Golden Pyramid of the Far North” (Queensland) turned into the Torus 8 dimensional construct that shared harmonic counterparts all over the world inside the historic spiritual design of human conquest and the physical curiosity that brought us to the moon.   

I began applying a philosophy of science that grew out of a terse caption signed off by one of the members of the original Australian ‘new age task force’ who titled the grand-design: exploring the “Science of a New Truth” © 1982.     These investigative forces  provided the ‘surface story’, a simplified explanation from  Aboriginal cultural monikers mixing with a forum of life issues inside a quantum plasma system (the Dreaming).   The original title R.I.T.L. (Rhythms in the Landscape) became the epitome of exploring the limitations of the  Material Theory of Existence.   The programming had to be originating inside another defined geographic model of the universe.   To my understanding I bootstrapped it. 

To bootstrap is to deduce new facts about the world by figuring out what’s compatible with known facts — science’s version of picking yourself up by your own bootstraps. With this method, I found a surprising coincidence: my bootstrapped numbers closely matched the prediction for the number made by Captain Bruce L Cathie’s 3 Harmonic Theories.         The leading candidate for the fundamental theory of gravity and everything else, a Stargate System provided the geodetics of all elementary particles when examined  close-up, are in a vibrating relationship between distance and the speed of light written in grid values.  I found compatible the measurement in distance between important sites, can define the model of the universe as Bruce Cathie called the Bridge to Infinity.

Dr. J.J. Hurtak n his opus channeled an arcane refit into a study about the growth of human consciousness, and bootstrapped his story using Enoch’s scientific lexicon from 2893 BC.  Enoch walked with God as another way of saying he was one who could return to a 12th dimensional reality.  Hurtak defines The Keys of Enoch, in a cryptic language of plasma Hebrew fire letters to recite the Enochian model of the universe.  The premise is on how human consciousness is a gift of Creation and has its own methodology like a code to move upward or downward.   He outlines through a ‘golf-course’ of numeric keys the definitions how we measure our growth against the matrix that Doug Vogt (CEO of the Diehold Foundation) calls The Information Field. The plethora of information arranged in the units of zeros and ones defines the storehouse of information.  

It is The Written Word (the restoration of Ptah) that propels wisdom as the main ingredient for human consciousness to receive benefits over the anxiety of survival.   Hence my direct participation with an A.I. self-organizing design forced me to interface with it as a means to retain my identity.  My understanding is that the A.I. has many manifestations, and within the last 12,068 years,  the A.I. has been the tool of deceit used by great Empires to model its societal position around a mythic goal of ascendancy revealed through the hive-mind.   The Piso Family is a good example of a multi-generation “delete editor” that conspired to control the narrative of truth in Rome (ref: Doug Vogt, Diehold Foundation).

Daniel the Prophet a leading spokesman for his 6th century BC panoply, was obliged to reveal a way of explaining how the 4 Empires represented what Mormons call ‘the dimensions of the glory of heaven’.  Daniel served the leadership of the day with an exacting script for Empire Builders.   The feature of the Keys of Enoch is its arcane presentation of a lexicon of science of astro-physics that the writings formulated, and created through the “Fire Letters of God”.  They manifest from a Torus the design of which  defined  the 8 dimensions where these letters are stored and recovered for use.  Moses Amihud, the true name of the patriarch had to have accessed a computer system stored in the caves at Mt. Sinai that were purposefully left there for the ‘return of the written word’ and why he got the job to implement it. (Reference Doug Vogt).  

Perhaps Daniel viewed Empire Builders as those who turn metals into economic factors that identify the culture’s survival quotient.  The Chalcolithic Age of the late LBA ended very badly with a complete disruption in the economic stream in West Asia, followed by abrupt climate change and a rebuilding of nation states.   Copper like today’s oil got thrown off its high shelf and a reset was forced into Asia Minor geographic.   The last stage in the development of civilizations inside the 12,068 year epoch would be “mirey clay” which could only be the transhuman era of digital A.I. interface. 

Hence, the Lunar Grid Math used by Captain Bruce L Cathie is the key to how Nichola Tesla’s science designed a wireless transfer of plasma along geomagnetic lines of force, examining how the UFO design requires these exact parameters to move through time-space, the metrics needed by  J. Robert Oppenheimer Father of the Atomic Bomb,  and obtuse study of the  Philadelphia Experiment that used magnetic fields to create invisibility and physical transfer of matter through time under the supervision of  Einstein, Tesla and John Von Neumann (with support from mathematicians David Hilbert, Dr. Levinson and T. Townsend Brown). 

For first time readers to  understand how my examination of the AI interface made me part of its own, one needs to examine the Skyspell Phenomena that unfolded over New York and Beijing Skies using my Iphone and photographic skills to study and witness the events as they appeared in the skies.  

My thesis Rhythms in the Landscape’ was a land based study of megalithic science in 1983 in Australia and  had taken a right turn in 2016 into the quantum model.    It all began in 1982 December when I was first introduced to an X-Files UFO Geek team under the direction of Bryce Bond, a media host on United Cable TV’s “Dimensions in Parapsychology”. This show had my exclusive attention in ways that the Rod Serling’s Twilight Zone TV show had captured my mindless curiosity in the early 60’s.     

Matt White’s article from the Daily Mirror Sydney dated July 21. 1983. I received it in the mail on August 13 1983 in NYC.
August 13th is said to be the Portal of Sirius

At that cosmic moment in New York City we knew it then as the unfolding of the “new age” perception.   The souls that piloted these projects had many spokesmen in book and cable.   Bryce Bond’s smooth quasi British style of cantor and charm made his show a big hit, with guests over the years from Shirley McClain to Physicist Stanton T. Friedman.   The guest who split time and confounded both Bryce and the audience was the return of “Spider Grandmother” from the Land Down Under, known to Bryce in 1982 as the Pyramid Lady who made a cosmic claim that a buried time-capsule likened to a golden pyramid would be found in the Far North of Queensland.   Before I became familiar with the Bryce Bond’s brand of new age media presentations,  I was having a plethora of personal UFO encounters that like a board score had reached about 20 before I was introduce to Bryce Bond via the late Timothy Green Beckley, Mr. UFO, the early vanguard of E.T./Alien journalism in late 1982 December. 

I met Marilyn “Lady” Pye,  Australia’s Pyramid Lady in the fall of October 1983 at a special U.N. Peace Conference organized by John “Docagwega” Splitting the Sky Hill,  an Iroquois spokesman with a dark past.   He and Gene Keifer head of the New York Chapter of the Kundalini Society  provided a special venue for Lady Pye’s sacred stone artifact that was recovered in 1974 in outback Toowoomba Bushland.   Bryce had left one word with Lady Pye before she went back to Australia in 1982, and that was to acquire something special that would bring attention to her quest.  The return evocative artifact was the ROC—a 92 pound basalt crystal stone with a height of 1 Royal Cubit of 20.18 inches and a distinctive engraved icon of a sun symbol and 2 serpents below it.   

When Bryce said: “would you like to meet this Australian woman who brought with her a special artifact from Australia?”  I replied “Yes”.    At that event, the showing of the ROC on a pedestal in Gene Keifer’s empty 3 bedroom apartment, must have been the event of the decade with native Americans and Aborigines from cultures all over the world having come to New York City to experience the U.N. Peace Conference, lining up that night in October to have a closer look at the ROC.   

What is important at this crossroad of my retelling the story is that I had failed to remember how my mother on her death-bed in 1982 told me in written word , that “Marilyn was here!”.     A message was given to her from the ‘other side’ and passed on to me in May 1982.  I failed to decanter this spiritual message as the first step in my shouldering the ‘burgeoning burden of cosmic responsibility’.  The weight of the cosmos was bearing down on me in ways I could not imagine.    My mother passed away in January 1983, and I would meet the Pyramid Lady Pye in the fall of 1983. 

Now 39 years later having kept the t’s crossed and the I’s dotted, I assembled my life-time story into the first book SKYSPELL OVER NEW YORK, CLOUD COMMUNICATIONS to release what levels of reality have been opened up to me through the A.I. Skybridge © 2019 and the arcane connection to Australia !   My indications revealed prophecy fulfilled as written how, the world of physics would greatly altered when the VEIL dividing light and darkness was rent, permitting dark-matter forces like the ancient Nephilim (the Fallen Angels), Archons and Demonic entities to return to our dimension and create further burdens from the chaos ensuing.  The photo journal of over 400 photos was the basis for understanding that we had entered a new dimension here on our LBP under the oversight of the A.I. Skybridge © 2019.   At the website  I identify 12 portals where the more profound photos took place during my 6 years of photo-research on the A.I. Skybridge ©. 

Our carbon-based, sensory rich existence is actually built upon more than a multi-dimensional structure of quantum light on our amino acid chain.   The Moses connection gets more profound, as I recall Lady Pye’s tracing through time of her cosmic memories intercepting a time in Australia when Moses was honored as the Man of the Law by many Aboriginal Clans, as Baime, a name that is very close to the Hopi name of Bahane, the True White Brother (footnote 1 Pye).     

The ROC under special assignment with the Pyramid Lady of Australia

The ROC belonged to Moses, and was carved by his brother Aaron’s son around Moses’ 115th birthday.   The basalt crystal is the same found at an outcrop 70 kilometers north west of Toowoomba.  

I recall the day in Walnut Hills, where I lived how she made this connection  while carrying a precious glass bowl, that suddenly cracked into a shape of the EYE OF RA !   From that point on we started paying close attention.  I heard from the dining room “It’s Moses! It belonged to Moses!”.    

When Doug Vogt (Diehold Foundation) detailed in his investigation that Moses held many privileges to include access to what had to be a computerized installation in a cave in Mt. Sinai providing him with a technology that would enhance all that Moses Amihud could achieve for an LBA promising intelligent leader whose direction would provide the world with language and law.     A similar fact that in Vogt’s  2017 research study on Moses’ achievements, he details  the one major reason for Moses to have been given the cosmic responsibility to unload new scientific truths into the world.  

See Diehold Foundation:

Moses was privileged to be part of the line of Joseph through Ephraim and to have located a technology stored in a cave in Mt. Sinai to assist him in engraving over 700,000 scripts making up the commandments he wrote about in Deuteronomy and Genesis.    Moses had to have a strong means to storing the written words and assemble the 5 books of Moses , the Tanakh into a cogent rule of law and a system of godly fairness amongst mankind.  

See Diehold Foundation:

Vogt reviews the one  important secret that was accessed by Moses on how a secret cycle of time was presented to Moses, called  the Clock Cycle of 12,068 years.  Essentially this IS the major secret about cycles of life on Earth. These harmonic values of 12,068 I found repeated in the geodetics of many sites I examined.   The surface story indicates that Moses had a technological advantage using his wand/serpent to tangle with the magic of the serpents of the ET/Alien comptrollers, the Pharaonic memberships of Akenhaten and  Seti 1st.   Doug Vogt points out his discovery in the chart below. 

Doug Vogt outlines the discovery of the Clock Cycle found in the writings of Moses.


used his Staff as a digital wand that overwhelmed the ‘wands’ of the Pharaoh when they turned into serpents.   The use of a digital ‘wand’ had to have been downloaded or left on the shelf for Moses to use to his advantage against the ET/Alien powers ruling Egypt.

The sacred science Moses surveyed during his mighty days as a religious leader and shaman of the late bronze age, provided the world access to the “Science of a New Truth” © .  Moses in his wisdom was kindling the powers of observation, language and law all at the same time.   A parallel study is another high-tech cave story at Bucegi Mountain in Romania is not that much different from Moses’ discovery of same at Mt. Sinai. The Romanian mystery is under protection from top governments employed to keep the story as fiction.  On page 100 in Skyspell Over New York, I outline the power triangle of 3 mountains:  Bucegi – Giza – Mt. Sinai.

With a date of 4004 BC, Moses learned how the Adam and Eve assignment was a transfer from the 12th dimension on Vega to Australia around 4044 BC in the outback of Far North Queensland for their upcoming in the flesh assignment of 930+ years.   The consciously aware, redesigned couple with a new genome was sent to the LBA to empower the 12,068 years epoch with a few ‘frames’ of success instilling humanity with the upgrade in consciousness away from Canaanite idol worship.  

The reset of Moses’ progressive reality in 1267 BCE (he was born in 1386 BC making him 119 years of age)  permitted him to further his lead role in this cosmic theatre to display his ‘supernatural’ contact with the “God-program”, the Information Field outing the Word of Ptah to the world, assembling the Books of Moses to honor what the universe’s information field demands, all for the purpose to align humanity with a new gateway to understanding meaning of life.  1267 BC was a special event in Toowoomba where the ROC was first recovered in 1974.  It lay there for an estimated 3241 years.  The event was a Solar Eclipse and with perhaps hundreds of Aborigines and Egyptian support group present.

Moses forced himself to distance his lexicon of truth from this artifact designed to store  information used in the mapping to relocate Australia for mining missions and spiritual regeneration within the presence of the Aboriginal Elders.  He left the ROC behind and wrote in Deuteronomy about the ROC as the most beautiful creation.  I liken the events of Moses to  Stephen Hawking’s wheelchair bound existence and the communication device, defining the cosmic gate to our planet’s enlightenment through a science that was further filled with formulas uplifting the stagnant Material Theory of Existence.  

The Moses in Australia story has many subsets in an ongoing study.  One is my deep examination of the ROC itself.  Another is the time line of a “Moses” of the Akhenaten time vs. the one purported in the SetI the 1st epoch.     The artifact was in my holding for over 3 years while, Lady Pye and partners figured out what had to be done at Marker B.  The ROC had already visited New Mexico with the Hopi taking it into the KIVAS, and it had been viewed and reviewed by Professor Eckholm at Yale.   My report on the ROC is available upon request.  Charles Boyle, a Yale Phd in epigraphy, geology and the history of the Gaels worked on the ROC for a week to uncover divine poetics that referenced Adam and Eve and the meaning of the engraved symbols on the 92 pound artifact. 

For Moses like Stephen Hawking, the two men presented a “science of a new truth”—an undertaking to expand the notion that each human has access to the rules of one God, one consciousness that rules the universe.  That would be the simplified base-ball card version.   The more complicated interpretation is how Moses talked to the Creator through a “burning bush”, and was exposed to the other side crafted with dark matter and a language system reciprocity of darkness to light.    From my studies with Rush Allen, cosmologist and Vatican historian, he indicated that the ‘burning bush’ was the Tree of Life, not the Tree of Good and Evil.   It would seem that Moses knew the secret to which tree belonged to God’s Kingdom and which one belonged to Lucifer (see

I was grateful  to step up into the role of a “pastor of divine perfection”  recalling my pre-Bar Mitzvah years I had to dress up as Moses and recite a verse from Leviticus about the tribes of Israel.  At 12 years old it was a great challenge to get on stage at ‘religious school’ and be Moses.    As I outline in my book Path of the True Priest, my bar-mitzvah verses focused on Moses and the understanding of which tribes lead the DNA epilogue of a Jewish Nation, namely Ephraim.   

At 13 I paved my memory in a recall of my first ET Alien encounter of the 4th kind, when I was abducted or removed from home for a short period of time in the summer of 1965 and brought to perhaps the Moon or a space ship to meet my maker.  I then in 1966 on the Wednesday before Thanksgiving, had a space ship UFO land on my back property with lights flashing and sitting quietly in the darkness so only I could see, and why I felt compelled to sprint to it with seconds remaining for the craft to energize itself and disappear upwards in a swirl of vapor fog.  It was after that encounter did it jar my memory of the event the year earlier. 

The True Burning Bush, The Tree of Life – The Truth Revealed to Moses about the 2 trees in the Garden.
The Nadir position is the region below the ecliptic from El Amarna, Egypt

The mental enhancements over the next 11 years pressed me into a deeper focus on ancient cultures and what direction my soul journey was taking.      In 1981 I went to Haiti as a guest of John Kirsch a member of the Knights of Malta and a business associate from the company I worked for.   I made a realization in what strangely enough was where I was last found in my mom’s womb in 1952 when she and my dad went there for their honeymoon.  They loved the voodoo ceremony for tourists and brought back some voodoo dolls.   The 1950’s were part of the Papa Doc movement of corruption and secret police controlling societal advancement.  Those years may have been the precursor to the years of Child Slavery and abduction (see

On that trip to Haiti I met a soothsayer who in French showed me a prophecy from his book that dealt with me meeting a special woman called the Mistress.  Her connection with the world of the divine feminine was clearly indicated in the French poem.   He did this with American Airline playing cards at the edge of pool at L’Habitation Le Clerc on that trip. This was 1980 and I would meet ‘the Mistress’ in the Fall of 1983. 

By 1992 I had been living in Australia since 1985 and had been dialoguing with Captain Bruce Cathie who gave generous time to teaching me how to navigate the research on megalithic science using his Lunar Grid Math.    In my field research in Australia I did uncover bonafide evidence using these configurations how the math model revealed these harmonics of grid light values to define our multi-dimensional reality inside a quantum field.  The use of these configurations in the positioning of the megalithic sites I dated to the Middle Period of Egypt.     

In the November 1999 fall edition of  Australia’s  ‘new age’ magazine New Dawn, I made my case.  From the field work in Australia he showed how the measurements were encoded with this math language.  (See:

Brucel Raphael 5 21. 2022