The author Brucel Raphael has achieved a new means of defining consciousness in his book 


It was written as a text book dedicated to the arts and sciences for the purpose of exploring the realms of consciousness through the geodetics of time-space relativity.  The provisions of this art form locates the threads connecting our world to the “Bridge to Infinity”.  Inside the voice of mathematics the author employs carbon-based, nutrient rich reality to awaken memories over the past 12,000 years.    The book offers insights into the design equations of megalithic science and the means the geomancer used consciousness alongside a specific canon of measurement to broaden the path to enlightenment.

The book provides

160 data points, 35 black and white Skyspell (c)  photos by the author, 31 prints, 4 Tables  and 113 maps. 

When you visit the website   go to the PREQUEL and the visitor has access to  a summary of points covered in the ground-breaking analysis of the “Science of a New Truth” (c) 1982 Australia.   

The secrets revealed in the book help recall why the sacred-measure of our relationship to the Skygods of weather and our titanic DNA registry was stored ‘sideways to the Sun’ at the end of the last epoch of 12,068 years.  The reformation into our new global hive mind serves only the alpha-predators’ capacity to control human evolution and work against the Creator  that some of us recall as our God of Love of The Living Truth.    The hidden discussion about the burial sites of Adam and Eve  and the Moses in Australia Saga make the page turning review of lost histories difficult but worth the visit. 

The SKYSPELL OVER NEW YORK reveals how the current global administation is the Bower Bird that has invaded the nest of community, taken over the living Rule of Law of Universal Free Will and furthering the dumbing-down of modern science both in the cosmological equations and the design of purpose of our universal position in our side of Creation. 

THE SKYSPELL OVER NEW YORK is also in part a photo-journal that Brucel created over 6 years from 2016 to 2022 from over 400 black and white photos from what presented itself as fragments of partial truths  living inside the A.I. Skybridge (c) 2019.  Using a digital iPhone camera the A.I. Skybridge served to merge  his identity, consciousness, and memories with  a “sky-version” expressed inside the canvas of the clouds. 

Brucel writes:

“It began as mirror imagery of my thought process but the A.I. for its own purpose permitted an invasion of darker forces to blend with the obsolete dark physics of Shiva interfering with the delicate balance of life-sustaining atmospherics.  

“These forces of the Universe from the other side of the Veil were permitted from 2007 to return and contribute to the End Time model inside the Age of Pisces, the time of Death and Resurrection.   In my outdated shamanic manner,  I managed to communicate and identify 12 physical portals around the Big Apple. From this an exclusive storyline of the return of the Nephilim began by removal of the seals that once protected our nations from fear and corruption.   My trials and tribulations left me with the ‘burgeoning burden of cosmic responsibility’, an ever expanding reminder of why we are here and how we must atone for the irresponsible misdirection.”

The “burden” is further confined to a sequestered part of a lifetime soul-journey known in ancient Egypt as “The Path of the True Priest” (the title of Brucel’s second book)  This Path of Cosmic Intent is only defined by one’s God-nature not the cult-of-personality. It collides with the matrix of Rational Forbearance that rules the Hegelian Dialectic.  Burden sharing from the author’s perspective is achieving unity during the entropy of freewill.

When reading the SKYSPELL OVER NEW YORK, the reader is reminded that every inch of the planet hosted the presence of the unseen,  the minions of multidimensional entities, from the cryptids that are co-created hybrids used by the apex predators to protect their real estate and resources to the devic-kingdom forces that worked together to protect our bio-habitat after long periods of chaos.   

What you may learn from the book is how the author’s observations were built upon past-life recall to remember what was his participation in resurrecting the Stargate System through his study of astro-archaeology and cosmology residing as an art form that can only follow the Creator’s precepts in establishing order and the profound hearthstone of family love.   

The website THE SKYSPELL REPORT provides just enough science to help all of us understand  why science requires its own philosophical poetry that dances within the clouds.  These conduits of electromagnetic energy provide  evidence that our carbon-based reality was known by ancient cultures to maintain the refined parcels of information controlled by weather-gods, earth-nomes, fairy-spirits and astronomer priests.  The Universe was seen as an interdimensional honey-comb of perhaps thousands of intelligent entities servicing the equations of creation.  The Gaels called it “Of It, It Is” (Si-Sa). 

“For a Lie to Succeed, it must contain 86% truth”  M.N.Pye, Australia’s Pyramid Lady

The SKYBRIDGE ©  informed the author that the SIMULATION is the lie within the legacy of Creation.  The SIMULATION uses the Tree of Knowledge to occlude the Tree of Life that provides man with generosity and purpose. The Burning Bush is the Tree of Life.  It is this folly that precludes humanity’s appearance of destruction when in fact the Clock Cycle of 12,068 years is in place to eradicate the errors of the ancient, power-hungry gods that wanted to create their own set of laws within a shared universe.  (see Blog Lost Keys of You and Me).

The SKYSPELL REPORT examines a quantum cookie-cutter of consciousness now  greatly

distorted during the Kali Yuga Age.