Redefining the rules for Einstein’s field of General Relativity, Captain Bruce L. Cathie provided me with expanded definitions of the Energy and Matter equations through these conjugated laws:  

He writes: “Einstein believed that M. The value for mass in the equation, could be removed and substituted by a value expressing the physical in the form of pure energy. In other words, by substituting for M a unified field equation would express in mathematical terms the whole of existence—to include the universe and what resides within it.”    

The wave form of light was expressed in grid light values on a geometrical sphere proving the metrics around a 27 hour day.  The Cathie Lunar Grid zeroed out matter in the matter-anti-matter cycle converting material substance into pure energy.   What this model provided was an extensive chart of harmonics vibrating within our material plane of existence.  

I continually transited values that were constructs of the North and South Pole Grid Square.  The Diagonal of 5090 nautical miles held an harmonic of 2545.584412 nms.  The values of the lines of force are defined by the magnetic lines of force represented as a coil passing through the north and south poles at the same time. The count for 1 centimeter squared is 1257 Sq. Cm in one direction and 1850 Sq.Cm in the other direction.  In spherical geometry the inch squared per cm = 2.57365 cms per inch (vs 2.54) .  Cathie explained that the square geodetic inch  = 66.236743 (hides the harmonic of 33 !)

66.236743 x 1257 lines of force per cm = 8325.96 8325.96 square geodetic inches in one direction. 

And 1850 sq. cm.  X 2.57365 squared = 12,254.331 square geodetic inches in the other direction.

The net force in one geodetic inch then equals 12,254.331 – 8825.96 = 3928.371 !   The reciprocal value of 2545 nm is 3928371 to the Grid Pole Diagonal.    It was this value that Cathie caught in my presentation on the distance from Marker H to Marker B  of 1091.21416  nm x 6 x 6 = 3928.37

Then he demonstrates how the combined field strength = 20581.80598. written as 205.8180598 x 2 = 411.636 squared = 169443 !  Is the Harmonic of Mass in the center of a light field !   Then: Field A – Field B = (2 C + square root of: 1/2C x 2C squared = 3928.371 ! 

  1. Where C = 144000 – 90.9345139 = 143909.0655.   Recall the diameter from Earth’s center to the average height of the atmosphere at 8640 nautical miles.  Radius then = 4320 nm.   
  2. Then:  3928371 / 432 = 90.9345139   The harmonic frequency of speed of light above the Earth’s surface

C.  270 grid degrees x 60 = 16,200 moas x 60 = 97,200 grid seconds of arc

Harmonic Equation 3 is part of the Energy portion of Einstein’s Theory of Mass and Energy. 2693645 adheres to the reciprocal value 371244 as feature of how matter and the speed of light share a co-efficient.  

In the example of the geodetic odyssey,  I found that the value 37.1244 corresponds in both North and Southern Latitudes to important geodetics. 

Southern Latitude: showing the Energy Harmonic

The interior harmonic reveals two possibilities : A.   90 – 26.93645 = 63.06355
63 3 48.7794 Deception Island and the UFO Base. 

The location of this southern latitude crosses the region of Deception Island, a very fitting name for a UFO ET Alien Base and in proximity to the testing lab for the containment of the Graphene Oxide source from the Black-Goo Labs there.

Northern Latitude: using the reciprocal of the Energy Harmonic

90 – 37.1244 = 52.8756 (52 52 32.2594)  

Lake Baikal, home to recovery of ancient DNA and ET Alien Sea Creatures.  

37.1244 North Latitude places 2 important locations for the study: 

Area 51 (37 16 17 N. Latitude) and Dulce ET/Alien Base (36 56 38.38 N. Latitude)

Note how the Lake Baikal position is inside the Tunguska Event Perimeter dated 1908 June 30. Also I noted that June 30 2004, was the return of the mythic Osiris in New York City 94 years after the event (reference to the Spy Scout Apparition see photo). June 30 2004 is significant with only 4 days from the July 4th 1776 sky chart over Washington, D.C. (Skyplate provided by Rush Allen).

Note July 4 1776 and July 4 2004 a 94 year spread of time for the same event of Osiris rising from 

the Winter’s subterranean darkness into the light (In Australia it would be seen as the opposite). The Spyscout Saga event on June 30. 2004 that I photographed in New York City represents the same energy as Osiris riding the Beast Lepus into the Sacred City of Omega Babylon (Washington DC).

n.b. the imagery of Jesus riding the donkey into Jerusalem is the same allegory to show the community how Jesus was mocking the belief in the god-being Osiris.

Defining the Tensor as a mathematical representation of a scalar or vector

provides a gateway for the harmonic of the value 27.   

Eigen Vectors represent a medium that defines the matrix it sits within.  The lozenge as an ellipse is a dimension the light vector moves through in 3 directions.    What is interesting is that so many times the Archons persistent presence that I recorded came in the form of tubes in a tubular wire presence.

The Parallelogram is a repeated geodetic symmetry that we now believe is part of a transdimensional portal system.  At Gympie, there were areas defined by these shapes for teleportation, the Gabi Aborigines reported as witness. 

May 19, 2022 Geophysical Signal recorded prior to a 6.9 Earthquake – Diamond Shaped geomagnetic signature same day (reference MrBB333).  This suggests that a portal opened permitting something to enter or depart from the local time-space continuum. 

From my research the Diamond Shaped Parallelogram encompasses four vortex points in the East Coast USA geodesy.

Brucel Raphael 5-22-2022