The Science of the Dreaming

May 3. 2022. Ireland. The diaspora out of Omega Babylon New York City continues. Today’s blog has many important historic threads that need to be woven into a tapestry of truth about the War in Heaven and the importance of Ukraine. Our biosphere continues to hemorrhage with the dissipation of the Ozone and further evidence of the true multi-dimensional planes of existence coming on line, in forests and in cities throughout the planet. One aberration is the side-effects of atmospheric distortion and the physical aspects of time-space dilation on our mental health. I realized that it was a reality that harbors the death-sentence to a residual plane of consciousness that unites us with our divine side of existence above the 3rd heaven.

Dane Whittington’s update on Ozone Layer Collapse and David Carrico’s newest study on the Warlords of Tartaria 600 BCE, provide further proof that the ecosystem collapse of the Late Bronze Age followed not only abrupt climate change from solar fluctuations but also a little known fact that the region of Lydia where Pergamon the capital was in Western Turkey, was the seat of Lucifer during the Archaic from 800 BC. Jesus parlays a link to this region in Revelations, 2:18-29, to reveal those women who follow Baal, the Canaanite God under the sacrament of Satan are Jezebels. He was drawing an unknown fact that Pergamon and Thaytira were joined in an unholy manner.

The role of spiritual science is always providing for its own success on an important course of helping humanity achieve the means of being in the world and not of it by taking off the nose-ring burdening us with the material theory of existence and recognize that we are gods in the making. It was the host of the Canaanite gods that eroded the progress of ‘the burden of cosmic responsibility’. It was a time when scholars were collating an accurate truth of the Old Testament achieving an accepted dictation and fellowship of use in synagogues throughout West Asia. The severe environmental changes altered a budding economic hub of Asia Minor up into the Caucasus isolating tribes of people to regroup into a new national identity. The failing copper industry provided a long rebuilding of the region over the next 400 years! The balance fell into a state of desperation and pestilence.

The changes in the environment remained a formation of the gods of nature. Note that in SKYSPELL OVER NEW YORK, I provide a clue of importance to the Sana-Yemen-Sudan sacred history, its connection to the regal priesthood center at Axum in Ethiopia and the recently rediscovered Russian Stonehenge in the Eastern Ukraine. David Carrico explores what he calls the rise of Gog in the original historical lyric by isolating the story of the “Mud Flood of Satan” an historic narrative in the Book of Judges that tie the Exodus to a greater time of abrupt climate change. When the region from Lydia (Western Turkey) to include Pergamon and Thyatira endured a deluge of volcanic debris and rain that extended up into the Ukraine, the Firmament had to release vasts amounts of rain while the earth went under the control of the tempest of fire. I am adding in the math geodetics that the Sky Gods use to co-create illusion to injure the free-will of human-kind.

The Geodesy of The Seat of Lucifer 800 BCE

The four locations in the AXUM GEODESY (see Page 230) spanned a timeline from 3160 BC (Yemen and the Burial of Adam), Sana (Historic geodesy of King Solomon and Queen of Sheba- Sabaean Empire) 1000 BC, and Azazel in the desert, a geoglyph See Leviticus 16:8 reference to the Scape Goat in the Wilderness carrying the sins of the people.

The geodesy of the Ukraine/Russian Stonehenge is composed of 5 features. The Russian Stonehenge: Site D, designed as a working hub with the UK Stonehenge, the Vatican, the Bosnian Pyramid and Gobeckli Tepi. Markim Bilqis Temple for Queen of Sheba Site A (Major feature of the Sabaen Empire Yemen 900 BC), Adams Tomb (3160 BC – Eastern Sudan site east of Khartoum) Site B, Azazel Geoglyph (west of Khartoum)Site C , and Site E Circular Pit in a mountain range East of Crimea aligning Russian Stonehenge exactly with Adams Tomb. The peculiar measurements of this “Golden Pyramid Triangle” an Isosceles Triangle composed of two smaller ones.

Site D Russian Stonehenge (Ukraine East) 48.344703 (No.) / 34.9889 (East)

Site C Azazael Geoglyph (West of Khartoum) 15.172328 (N) / 24.042067 (E)

Site B. Adams Tomb 15.5 (N). 34.7 (E)

Site A. Marqim Bilqis Temple Sana 15.404294 (N) / 45.355808 (E)

Perimeter ABCD = 5337 nm

Using Site D to Site B as a diametr then = 1971 nm x PI = 6192.0 n.m. circumference circle 1

note distance Site A to Site B = 616.3 nm. and Site B to Site C = 616.8 nm

all these values are close to Golden Cut Phi .618

Line Site A – B – C = 1233 n.m. x PI = 3874 n.m. circumference circle 2

The metaphysics represent a Lunar eclipse in stasis. The smaller circle will sit inside

the greater circle representing a union.

The two interior triangles have these geodetics: Perimeter of Sites B-C-D = 4650 nm square, this value squared = 21,622,500 ! divided by 6 = 360.375 ! Harmonic of Time 2160 / 2 = 1080 value associated with the Holy Spirit and Mary. Perimeter of Sites ABC = 4629.3, square root = 68 ! 4629.3 reciprocal = 2160 + 153 written as .0002160153

The feature of the Ukraine is that it belongs to Enlil, Poseidon, with the Tre-zub as the Trident of A Titan.

The 3 teeth could be the internal dynamic, the unity of the Sites A B and C. The representation of God the Creator has always been in the form of synergy between: arithmetic, geometry and harmonics. What the Gaels called the 3 Faced Idiom.

note: the E. Longitude of The Saebaen Temple 45.355808 has an antipodal calculation tuned to the Energy Harmonic: 180 – 45.355808 = 134.644192 x 2 = 269.288384 written as 269.3645 ! (or twin harmonics 269 & 288)

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Footnote reference to this study Gary Vey at Viewzone and John McGovern, South Australia Part 1. Part 2