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The Truth About Our Multi-Dimensional Reality.


February 28. 2022

The resources I used to write this book and talk about our purpose here on this planet, reside in the remains from the last global civilization that worked to achieve greatness and use its citizenry to propagate again the Great Deception about the world designed around the Physical Theory of Existence (footnote D. Vogt Diehold Foundation). I spent over 15 years away from America to investigate one of the sources of the greater mysteries of myth, spiritual focus, and my personal living achievement in Australasia. I bundled all the evidence and returned to America in 2016 to complete the Trilogy assigned to the mysteries of history, and why I was born inside this time-line. I was rewarded with a perplexing study of modern arts and sciences revealing a deep cosmic message available to all those who would listen.

My reach exceeded my grasp and I was provided under the very skies of New York City, evidence how the gates that protected our local universe from real, dark evil substance was lifted setting off the clock of the End Times racing to an end date of 2046 AD. That date is the assigned science of finality provided through the writings of Enoch who 4900 years earlier made clear that this period of time will task the citizens of the planet through a tumultuous time, warning them of the impending closure to their Age of the Sun, their Age of Pisces.

Call it by its scientific name, a universal constant, called the Clock Cycle of 12,068 years soon to run out only to be cited in a secret code in the book of our times called the Bible. The years leading up to an exit-strategy off this planet sets the messaging in one tone only, focus on the Creator’s love of his vital creation and realize that there is little we can do to offset the War in Heaven. The ground war is an echo of the challenge between Horus and Seth, between the Dove and the Seth Animal. One holds the word of God, the other holds the reassembly of the mind of Osiris. Between these two the competing apex predators try to outsmart the Creator himself.

20b NY21122 Portal Opening over Broadway


The Solar Nova and the presence of the return of Planet Christ is the final stroke at midnight when the earth’s biosphere is rerouted into prophecy as spoken by an imaginative Prophet Joel who called out, “The Great Day of the Lord” or what the early Gaels, called ‘the Time of Slaughter’.

I’ve also been made aware that the presence of the reigning Order of Melchizedek is the only group that services the Creator permitting this Earth planet to struggle with the ‘Forlorn’, a key word I channeled at 13 years of age to reconnect to a memory of a loss inside the human genome. I was gaining access to a past-life memory of the broken access to our universal consciousness now mangled inside our challenged carbon-based reality, a crypt of its former beauty presided by the conductor of the atmosphere, Lucifer. At such a young age I didn’t know what the word “Forlorn” meant, but I was answering a voice that asked me if I wanted to be rich! I wanted to know “Where are the Forlorn?”.

The Skyspell Report © 2019 Is the final assembly of rich information left side-ways to the sun by the sky-gods in their return over cities of corruption and dismay. My photo-journal is another avenue I am making available to show that New York City is Omega Babylon that rose out of the historic memory of Alpha Babylon. Now the two-wage war on one other.

Author and Your Host, Brucel Raphael

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